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Pat Lee’s (Transformers, DC, and Marvel comics fame) The Extraterrestrial Compendium available for pre-order on amazon!

Pat’s new book looks awesome!!  Congratulations man.

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Got Horsepower? How About 11,400shp Times 2 and You’ll Have The Mi-26

I caught this segment of video on Discovery Channel.  Damn this thing is bad ass – the world’s largest helicopter.  It’s even more powerful than the mighty AC-130 Hercules!! Mi-26 HALO The Mi-26 helicopter, the heaviest and most powerful helicopter … Continue reading

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yep the ghetto anthem is… live your life by rihana. i love this song

well, there’s the G in me after all.  i don’t even like ti that much but this song is damn good.  gotta love the romanian numa numa song sample too.  made famous by that fat kid from back in 2006.  … Continue reading

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Ben’s Dogati Custom Ebike Almost Ready To Run!!

if all goes well test rides will be this saturday 02/26/2011!!  weather is looking swell.   currently weight 38.2kg (84 lbs) and final weight with chains and cover should be sub 39kg (86 lbs).  full suspension, electronic throttle, 2 speed … Continue reading

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kawaii desune!! Ashida Mana (super cute baby chick)

her name is Ashida Mana 蘆田愛菜 chinese wiki or 芦田愛菜 japanese wiki and she was born on June 23rd, 2004 so she’s only 6 years old not even 7 yet.  isn’t she adorable?? a lot of the comments are about 小x彬 which i totally … Continue reading

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The Perez Family (1995) – an odd ball film but just my type of flick

Just channel surfed into this little flick on HBO Asia.  What/who caught my eyes?  A fine babe called Marisa Tomei of course.  Damn she’s so hot in this.  Wow.  Anyway, I’m only seeing part of it and I can tell … Continue reading

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一個12歲小女孩 A little twelve year old girl (tear jerker)

I first came across this story a week or so ago.  Then I forgot to save/post it.  Good thing it just came back to me so I can get started on translation. Origin: not sure, but obviously from China English … Continue reading

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黑豆補腎臟,五豆補五臟 Black beans is good for kidney, 5 color beans for your 5 internal organs…

I’ve been have some lingering stiff back issues.  Possible causes including, pinched nerves, squatting too much weight for my age (I’m not exactly young at 37); I can do 95kg/209lbs full ATG ass to ground squats and 110kg/242lbs half/parallel squats.  … Continue reading

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book recommendation: God:The Failed Hypothesis

I just saw this book as one of the favorite book of a super smart dude so I had to check it out…  hopefully Taipei‘s library have a copy, or else I need to order it from USA so my … Continue reading

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Daniel and Our Cats (Animal Planet) – A Beautiful Yet Tragic Story!!

Updated 2/26/2012 6:08 am @ Union City, California – Every now and then this page gets tons of hits for a few days.  🙂  I guess that’s when it is aired somewhere and people google for “Daniel and Our Cats”. … Continue reading

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