Project delly-O Update 1/13/2011 11:21 am

L*CON’s facebook fan page:

I’ve just spoke on the phone back in 12/20/2011 with Louie @ L*CON down in Southern California to confirm the cage build up, scheduling, pricing, and went over the rough designs. Once we get together in the near future him and I will go over in detail, taking advantage of everything the SLB 2012 and NASA CCR rules will allow. As I have mentioned there is very little limitation so I want to make it as light as possible, keeping a fine balance between weight and rigidity.  The goal of the project is to reclaim the SLB Street FF class record which is currently held by Ford Focus.  Clint Boisdeau have set a pretty high bar at 1:59.086.  However he told me he was just over 300 whp and his race weight with out him was 2650 lbs.  So on paper we should be able to be a legit contender to challenge the record.  🙂  Now all I need is to polish off 4 years of rust.

Many of you out side of California will not have heard about Louie, but here is a sample of his work. Here is an article about him from a popular online Honda blog called Honda Chronicals (damn he’s getting free traffic, but whatever haha).

These photos ought to make you interested enough to click and see more… Louie is an amazing fabricator.

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