AKMEE Engineering

AKMEE Engineering’s Official Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/AKMEE2004

Filming HOT VERSION American Touge in December 2004 at Willow Springs.  I envisioned AKMEE Engineering’s future right then and there!!

Orido takes the AKMEE sponsored TOP SETUP K20EG to battle Comptech S2000 in HOT VERSION video’s American Touge!

We kicked ass and even made the front cover of the DVD!  The video has been released in USA since April 2005 by BMI/ZigZag Asia.

AKMEE/ACME Engineering – The highest level or degree attainable, as of achievement or development. ACME – A Company that Makes Everything.

AKMEE – Source: dictionary.com : – The highest level or degree attainable, as of achievement or development: reached the acme of her career. See Synonyms at summit. <company, jargon=””> /ak’mee/ 1. A Company that Makes Everything.  The canonical imaginary business.

AKMEE Engineering was conceptualized in Summer of 2004. Our company name’s idea comes from the classic Looney Toons. Our production and engineering partners have been in the Japanese OEM automotive business for over 30 years. AKMEE was created to give us freedom from certain OEM/ODM obligations. Before we even had a web site or any products to sell, we were already seen world wide thanks to our friend Charlie Rhyu and his AKMEE sponsored car the TOP SETUP K20EG’s surprising performance in the first ever American Touge – the hugely popular Japanese Hot Version video release as seen on our main page.Our production and engineering partners have manufactured a wide range of products for customers both in OEM/ODM as well as aftermarket high performance in Asia, Japan, and USA. Working together with them we are capable to produce just about anything automotive and hence the slogan, “We Make Everything”.

However, AKMEE’s focus will be specifically on key components that will unleash the potential of your engine. Our AKMEE brand may not be well known but we are experienced and have been in the aftermarket industry for long time. Despite the fun nature we keep we are very serious about what we do because this is our passion.We won’t bored you with marketing buzz words and lengthy engineering write ups. We’re here to make parts that work so you can chase down your evil nemesis the road runner and have lots of fun while you are at it.

We are focused on specific automotive performance parts projects that interests the two main guys behind AKMEE Engineering- GhettoRacer, & LiveForPhysics. We also provide production engineering consulting services for companies that are interested.  Currently LFP has been fully immersed in the latest advances in battery technology for ultra high performance electric cars, bikes, and even things that don’t stay on the ground!

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