About Frank M. Lin aka GR – GhettoRacer…

I’m in Chicago, just took my newest nephew and my sister to hospital for new born check up!

Updated 1/22/2017 5:51 am @ Palace Poker Casino – have not update this year over 5 years.  Here’s a more concise way to understand what I am about:  racer, taoist, yogi, hugger, bballer, gentleman, philosopher, entrepreneur, kiva donor, punisher of evil, lonewolf, vagabond, photo/video shooter…  🙂

Updated 12/9/2011 2:46 pm – This page was originally published on Oct. 29th, 2010 10:18 pm.  As of December 2011, I have decided to completely revamp this blog.  Slowly I will be going back and revise each and every article as necessary in order to present myself a bit more accurately to the world.  Originally the blog was more like journal entires that I wrote for myself…  except it was occasionally being read by the public.  It isn’t surprising at times the entries are hard to read and probably made little sense to anyone but myself.  I also tend to frequently write as it flows out of my brain and sometimes there is a bad connection between my brain and fingers.

I will make an effort to proof read my writing in the future.  Please note that English is my second language and up until age 13 I could not even write the alphabets from A to Z.  You are reading the words of a real FOB wet back back in 1986…  actually I’m not a refugee that swam to freedom, my dear parents worked hard and immigrated my family to California starting in 1984 in order to give us a better chance at life at a time when Taiwan’s future was uncertain.

Nearly a decade ago in 2003 I did not care about the public perception of me.  That’s what got me in trouble with the world.  This time around, I do care about what you think of me.  Not that I want you all to like and love me.  But do want you to know the real me.  Lot of the “haters” in the past have no clues and no interest about who I am.  Many of them just jumped on the hate wagon because it was easier to do.  They spew lies about things I have never done…  but those people can’t stop me, as the real truth ultimately will prevail.  I have always been true to myself and everyone around me, thus I feel completely at easy despite all that seemingly chaotic Internet mess.  Thankfully majority of the people know the real me and they have always been very supportive.  Okay, lets get going.

Up close and personal with Ferrari F1 at Infineon Raceway

First, let me say THANK YOU for stopping my little corner of the world and read about what I have to say.  I know this will likely be one of the most crazy blog you have come across, as I tend to write about EVERYTHING.  But hey, you are here by choice.

It is now end of 2011.  My ultimate interest/goal in life is to pursuit the highest level of the whole body/mind/spirit connection…  What that means is I am very big into the development of all three aspects of being a human.  I will give you some details of the three parts:

Ferrari FXX Clienti Program @ Infineon

First, the body.  It is exactly that, the physical body.  For example, one of my short term goal right now is to get my body weight down to 150 lbs by end of 2011.  I have about 20 days left to do so.  I am currently at 159 lbs and it is highly achievable.  I ought to be very close to have 6 pack abs for the first time ever in my life.  🙂  I am also a big time fan and practitioner of Bikram Yoga – the #1 hot yoga system in the world.  There’s a lot more to the body aspect but this is all you need to know for now.

Second, the mind.  I suppose it is about what we think and how we feel.  To develop the mind, the natural thing to do is to read and learn.  I am fairly selective about what I read.  I tend to enjoy reading technical materials over literature.  I enjoy reading about history and culture.  In the past 3 years I have read many book titles both in English and in Chinese in regards to cancer.  My mother was diagnosed with Stage 3 None-Small Cell Lung Cancer in 2008 and she was a main reason why I moved back to Taiwan.  As a former high tech industry worker, I tend to read about technology a bit.  And as the world should know, I am a MAJOR CAR NUT.  I have been regularly contributing my share of automotive knowledge since the mid – 1990’s.  Before I digress, lets get to the third part.

Finally, the spirit is basically our higher selves.  I am not a religious person at all by the conventional sense such as being a Buddhist, Taoist, Christian, Muslim, Catholic, Atheist… etc.  I wrote the following as my facebook profile’s religious views:

“most religions contains some truth but are all badly contaminated by its followers for personal reasons/gains… the truth can be found by looking deep down inside. it is easier if you purify your body and clear your mind. then amazing things will happen.” – Frank M. Lin 02/19/2011 5pm.

I will keep the spirit aspect short here.  As you read through my blogs you will likely find that spiritual development is fully integrated in my life.  In essence if you have the correct mind set, anything you do in life will develop body/mind/spirit concurrently.  🙂

As for who I really am…  well that’s not an easy one to figure out.  I’m definitely a rebel and I hate rules.  I’ve broken so many hahaha…  and my interests are pretty vast.  I’m good at anything I put my mind into.  And I’ve spent considerable amount of time doing two things – road racing and basketball and I’m confident enough to say skill wise I am expert level, possibly pro level.  If you browse on my facebook and you can find lot of clues about me and my interests.  Since the way I write is more like diary keeping, this blog will give you a glimpse into my reality.

2 Responses to About Frank M. Lin aka GR – GhettoRacer…

  1. Paolo says:

    Hi Frank,

    I’ve been following your posts on the net a few years back since I got interested in engines. I found your posts informative specially on the B16A that’s why I backtracked other posts you made hoping to learn from them, and I did. It was just recently that I figured out that you are also eg2 frank at TOO’s site. Interesting discussion you had there, by the way, it’s amazing to know that you have been working with liveforphysics, I’ve also been reading on his posts over at the sohc forums though most of his posts are beyond my comprehension. Hope to learn more from you guys on here not just regarding cars but other stuff as well.

    Anyway, it’s just nice to see that there is more to ghettoracer than motorsports 🙂

    All the best,

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