Project Delly-Ohh for SLB/GTA/SEMA 2017 Preface

Written by Frank M. Lin 11/10/2016 3:32 am @ Union City, California

I just woke up from a very nice power nap and I’m just waiting for my buddy Edwin from DNR to come scoop me up so we can go to SLB/GTA 2016 @ Buttonwillow.  We’ll be supporting couple of friends there this year.

I’ve actually been living in Taiwan for the past two years and 8 months…  I moved to Taiwan on the very last day of 2013.  I landed in Taiwan literally just 2 hours from New Years eve 2014.  It was kind of a surreal experience – landing in Taiwan, and then literally have huge fireworks going up all over the sky for the massive fireworks show at Taipei 101.  It was as if the fireworks was to celebrating my triumph return to Taiwan – gee how big IS my ego lol.

When in reality, I just had spent another seemingly useless two years in USA.  2012 started with high hopes as I made an investment into N1 Concepts but as soon as I injected money into the company around March 2012, it quickly became clear that I had not in fact, done my job on the due-diligence.  It turn into a nightmare project that I had literally no control at all.  During the first two quarter of 2012 things seem like it had great potential, but by 3rd quarter of 2012 I already knew things would not end well on this little business adventure.  I took a hands off approach because I didn’t not want to be blamed for running a business that was destined to fail.  Full control of the company was given to my business partner so he is fully responsible for the downfall.  More on that story some other time.

Anyway, it was actually during end of 2011 while visiting my sister in Chicago I was studying the rulebook for Street FWD and felt that the del Sol had the right package to break the record.  Ken Suen, sort of a new comer when compared to myself had been ruling the Street FWD for many  years.  His weapon of choice is the now well known FD2 chassis he calls Big Red.  Excuse me son, I’m gonna let you finish but the world should know that my EG2 del Sol was called the Big Red Delly-O since way back in the days.  You stole her glory.  Asshole.  Ha ha.  Just kidding I’ve never met Ken yet but he seems cool enough to me…  before I digress again, lets see what the record was at 2011 SLB.

Superlap Battle 2011 Results

Unlimited AWD
1. 1:55.771 – Anthony Szrika – UMS Tuning EVO
2. 2:05.861 – Tarzan Yamada – Crawford STI

Unlimited RWD
1. 1:40.981 – Tyler McQuarrie – FXMD NSX

Unlimited FWD
1. 1.47.394 – Chris Rado – World Racing Scion FWing 2
2. 1:59.477 – Andy Hope – CRX
3. 2:05.280 – Richie Ho – APM Racing RSX

Limited AWD
1. 1:49.124 – Micheal Chang – Evasive EVO
2. 1:50.181 – Ryan Gates – Gates311 EVO
3. 2:02.953 – Taylor Koby D Wilson – Snail Performance 09 WRX

Limited RWD
1. 1:53.221 – Carl Rydquist – Berk Technology 135i
2. 1:53.457 – Tarzan Yamada – Platteform AG E46 M3
3. 1:58.487 – Dave Norton – Spec Clutch 240SX
4. 2:03.745 – Design Craft S2000

Limited FWD
1. 1:55.316 – Tim Kuo – Sportcar Motion Civic
2. 2:02.575 – Damien Cook – Donkey Bop! Civic
3. 2:02.751 – Ryan Novak – Novak HVAC Civic
4. 2:03.185 – FF Squad Civic
5. 2:03.558 – Eibach Civic
6. 2:04.564 – Hasport Civic

Street AWD
1. 1:57.735 – Phillip Chase – Kontrabrands/Evasive Evo
2. 2:04.185 – Tony Fuentes – South Coast Subaru Evo
3. 2:05.623 – Tony Brown – Integrated Performance WRX
4. 2:08.205 – CK Racing Evo
5. 2:11.429 – DC Sports STI

Street RWD
1. 1:57.887 – Rob Walker – Evasive S2000
2. 1:59.066 – Alex Peng – Momofoolio/Novak HVAC S2000
3. 2:00.388 – Terry Liu – Platteform AG Z4M coupe
4. 2:16.744 – Design Craft S2000

Street FWD
1. 1:59.086 – Clint Boisdeau – Apollo Focus
2. 2:02.088 – Renzo Marsano – Sportcar Motion
3. 2:05.053 – Elton Lo – Raceline Type-R
4. 2:08.929 – Michele Abbate – Crawford Scion
5. 2:12.889 – Ariel Crawford – Crawford Scion
6. 2:13.306 – Raceline

1. 2:12.185 – Oscar Jackson Jr. – Jackson Racing CR-Z


Hey what do you know Ken wasn’t even a legend yet in end of 2011.  It was Clint came in and did 1:59.086.  I remember having some conversation with him about the whp/weight ratio… his Focus that years was somewhere around 300 whp / 2650 lbs.  By my own calculation I should be able to achieve the race weight of ~2200 lbs w/driver.  Power level of 350 whp – 450 whp would be pretty easy.  So certainly on paper I’d be faster for sure.

See couple of the older pages:

Anyway, by mid-2012 the project stalled once again.  But now entering Fall of 2016 I am now finally ready to bring this project forward.  I will summarize it like this.  This project is the culmination of all of my knowledge and experience in the Honda world.  I will involve as many of the industry friends I have made over the years.  I’ve never built any sort of show cars, or race cars in the past because of my penny pinching frugal nature – hence the name “ghetto” racer.  Be rest assured this is going to be something different.  While I’m going to be very penny wise on this project, it will utilize best of the breed products that I can find, at a reasonable price.  Follow me as I show you what my vision for this project is and watch closely as I show you my tuning philosophy.  With SEMA 2016 just finished, now I declare my beloved EG2 as the “Project Delly-Ohh for SLB/GTA/SEMA 2017”.  Up next I will create a page showcasing partners on this project.

Do you guys think the world is ready for me?  Ready or not, HERE I COME.

Okay some of you might wonder what was I doing in Taiwan for the two years and 8 months.  The reason I went back was to spend more time with my dear mom.  By 2014 she had already been fighting her stage 4B cancer for at least five years.  I’d have to look it up but my memory recall would put her initial diagnosis year around in 2007 or 8.  During mid-2013 I wasn’t doing much in USA, just a walking zombie really…  At least it would appear so to someone else looking in from the outside.

My brother and sister are all successful and happily married with kids.  I’m the lone wolf / black sheep of the family that’s still searching around for things to dedicate myself to.  Be it, a wife, a job, an idea… etc.  I had previously spent 2008-2011 to be with my parents but especially my mom as she was a cancer patient.  During the time I had read a bunch about cancer, health, religion and vast array of other subjects that interest me.  Thanks to the Internet, youtube the amount of information available to us is just incredible.  Anything you want to know about, you can find it.  My point was even during the times that I didn’t seem to be doing much I was always reading and learning and subtitling improving myself for the better.  My love for basketball did a great job of keeping me sane as I would play it for hours.  Usually against people much younger than me.  Occasionally I would get serious and dedicate myself to Bikram Yoga for a month or two.

I lost my dear mom in April 10th of 2016.  Not a day goes by that I don’t think of her.  She is absolutely the reason I am who I am today.  She truly supported me unconditionally even if we did have some major verbal shouts at each other at times but that was only because we loved and care for each other deeply…

I will dedicate this build to her memory.  Mom, you named me Lin Mu-Hong.  And certainly you were right about me all along.  I’m a late boomer and I will do the name justice.  Now you watch as I prepare to soar into the sky…  High as no others have ever imagined.