About Luke Workman aka LFP – LiveForPhysics

Updated 5/4/2017 10:40 pm @ San Francisco, California – added Luke’s video of flying instead of driving to Burning Man 2017 (scroll to bottom)…  LOL.  And also his drone flying at Rimac’s headquarters when he visited the factory in 2016.

Updated 10/25/2016 12:28 am @ Union City, California

LFP= LiveForPhysics


I’m a battery engineer for electric vehicles with a passion for danger and excitement. 🙂  In college I was a triple engineering major.

Bragging rights

Creator of amazing things.  Advancing battery technology.


Create energy storage solutions for LEVs. I create powerful yet safe energy solutions.


  • Full Time Consultant in 2016
  • Zero Motorcycles
    Sr. Engineer Battery Specialist, 2010 – 2016
  • Microsoft
    Data Center Critical Systems Engineer, 2005 – 2010
  • AKMEE Engineering
    Engineering Partner, 2004 – present


  • Oregon Institute of Technology
    EE, ME, Physics, 2000 – 2005
  • Puyallup High School
    Highschool, 1996 – 2000

Between GR & LPF, I guess we are certifiably loooney by some people’s standards.  🙂  And we wouldn’t have it any other way!

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