Project 1995 EG2 delly-O

1995 EG2 Honda del Sol build log for SuperLapBattle 2012

Updated 12/20/2011/3:08 pm – Okay, I’ve figured out the format I will use.  This will be the main page.  I’m creating a new category called “project delly-o” and all future blog entries pertaining to delly-o will get go there.  Or maybe I’ll just keep on adding to this single page…  we’ll see.

12/20/06 - Crashing the Hot Version American Touge 3 video shoot with Drift King and Kazumi chan

As I have hinted I’ve been studying the rules of SuperLapBattle as well a the NASA CCR.  I will be documenting the complete grounds up rebuild of my beloved 1995 EG2 Honda del Sol VTEC.  I have neglected her for the past four years and she deserves way better.  I’ve always called her “The Big Red delly-O”, as a word play on Daddy-O.  Shes got tons of track miles and I have always had so much fun with her.  I let a fellow instructor take her out for some fun laps at Willow Springs big track in 2005 and he had too much fun and lost it big time at T2…  he hit pretty hard and did a lot of damage.  He still owes me some money for the repair actually…  But I haven’t seen him for quite a few years.

Nov. 2011 - My poor baby... Neglected and sat around and loyally waited for my return...

Nov. 2011 - delly-ohh finally got a wash after over 4 years. Now he has more character than ever! !

Nov. 2011 - daddy-o uhh, delly-ohh is making a come back... yay! It has nothing to be shamed of being next to M63 and E55. delly-o will smoke them both.

Car: 1995 Honda EG2 del Sol VTEC
Class: SuperLapBattle Street FF
Weight: 2200 lbs wet

G.SPEED Racing Forged True Monoblock coming in 2012, 5 or 6 spokes??? Hmm...

Ohh snap, under 6kg = 13.2 lbs for 17x9.

to be continued…

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