My first Bikram Yoga 30 day challenge, June 2017

Written by Frank M. Lin 6/10/2017 8:48 am @ Fremont, California – Although I have started at Bikram Yoga back in 2005…  I have never tried to do a 30 day challenge.  I have thought about it but never made the actual commitment.  But the timing feels right and I will do my best to complete a 30 day challenge.  As always, the first week of coming back to Bikram is always the hardest…  but soon enough, usually after a week it is actually really pleasurable.  Just have to loosen up and stretch all the darn tendons I have neglected for months.  I will simply update this daily on how I feel.  Need to pick up a scale to track weight loss progress.  I should also note in the past 2 weeks I’ve been sleeping a lot, 8-10 hours a day.  Which is more like normal people but by my own standards that is a lot.  I’m greatly looking forward to returning to super efficient MPSS – Multiphase/Polyphase Sleep Sessions as soon as a week.

Day 1 6/9/2017 – It has been over 6 month since my last Bikram class.  My back has been sore in the last few days due to really poor sleeping postures from crashing inside the backseat of my car.  I endure the class no problem.  It was tough, but since my cardio is excellent from plenty of basketball in the past 2 month it wasn’t particularly challenging.  I was slightly weak mentally but that will go away within about a week.  I feel relatively stiff and this always happens when I take long offs between Bikram.  I simply don’t have the mental strength/discipline to do 90 minutes of Bikram Yoga solo at home.  It is also harder without the heat.  But ever since I experimented with marijuana and yoga I think I could probably do it under the influence as it helps with stretching so much.  I have picked up some more cookies and I will definitely try more.

Day 2 6/10/2017 – Back feels tight and sore.  Hamstring is very tight.  Side torso bends aka half moon pose is challenge.  Today it is the annoying instructor guy…  he likes to make useless (in my opinion) corrections and likes to use a fake husky voice.  I have always find him annoying.  I’m going to avoid his class for sure.  Another major drawback is he short charge the hold by a significant amount on the very important postures and I don’t feel like I get enough stretching.  By useless correction I’m talking about the details like putting your heel and toe together.  In grand scheme of yoga that is utter useless nonsense to insist on such details.  But of course, that is my own opinion after practicing for 12 years.  I mean, there are students with much more pressing issues the teacher should be focusing on.

Day 3 6/11/2017 – This is one of the toughest class I’ve had in a long time.  I was probably pushing myself a bit too hard.  I started 10 minutes before class and I was doing quite a bit of serious warm ups.  By the end of the standing series I felt exhausted mentally.  Physically I wasn’t too bad I only took break from half a posture and that was just to get water because I ran out.  Made minimal progress on flexibility…  I’m always so eager to get through this initial phase.  Sole of my feet is super tight and I find that in normal life it isn’t utilized at all in other times.  None in basketball.  None in daily routines.  Bikram Yoga has many subtle uses of the feet.  In one leg standing postures the feel has to grip the ground firmly.  In lot of postures the tendons in the feet gets a good stretch.  From human anatomy books and videos I learned that the tendons goes from end to the, from finger tips through the body all the way to the toes.  When you try to lengthen the body, it does a lot of subtle stretching _everywhere_.  Currently I have a lot of tightness due to not practiced for months…  this is the pay back time initially for the first week or two.  Then it will become a lot easier.

Day 4 6/12/2017 – I went to Scotts Valley last night to pick up some Lazy 8 Ginger Drop cannabis cookies help help with stretching.  This morning I took half a cookie and it worked like a charm.  Took like 45 minutes to kick in and I had planned to take the 9:30 am class but I forgot my small towel so I drove home to get it.  Knew I couldn’t make it back to class on time so I did my freestyle stretching at home instead.  Did a good hour worth and I developed some new methods of stretching.  It’s quite interesting I will need to experiment more and gather my thoughts on it.  I wanted to call it microstretching throughout the entire body.  More on this later as I figure out how to explain it better.  After over hour of freestyle stretch I felt kind of tired and rolled around the bed and took a long nap.  I’ve been sleeping a lot in the past 10 days.  Sleep quality is very low, never feel energized.  At 6 pm I watched the NBA Finals game 5 and I headed to the yoga studio almost 8 rpm for the 8:30 pm class.  The hour of stretch in the morning helped a lot as I got a bit deeper in many postures.  The hamstring is notably loosened up as well as my spine.  Half moon depth and backward depth improved a bit.  I was able to give a very strong effort without feeling too tired.  Definitely best session so far.

Day 5 6/13/2017 – Went to San Francisco to play couple hours of basketball at the Sunset Rec Center then stopped by my aunt’s house to pick up my belongings.  Went to Seacliff Bikram in Richmond district since they are an affiliated school to Fremont Bikram – we are allowed 5 passes a month to sister schools.  Boy do they turn up the heat this is way warmer than Fremont.  Also got a teacher who does extended holds so this was quite a challenging class.  I ate half a cannabis cookie 30 minutes before class but I didn’t really seem to felt it kick in at all.  Weird.  Going to try full cookie tomorrow instead – was trying to make the $85 30 cookie box last twice as long by eating halfs but it didn’t seem to be strong enough.

Day 6 6/14/2017 – What an odd day.  This was the most un-energetic day I have felt in years that I can recall.  Especially odd since returning to Bikram.  Perhaps it is a sign that I’ve been pushing a bit too hard?  I intended to do either the 4:30 or 6:30 pm class and took a cookie at 2:30 pm.  By 4 pm the cookie was in full effect and I had been doing freestyle stretching since 3 pm or so.  So I got more than an hour of deep stretching going.  But I didn’t feel energetic enough to go to a class and push the static stretching in Bikram poses.  Ended up lounging on the bed and just drifted off sleep.  Next thing you know I slept all through the night and even day break.  Still didn’t feel like going to the morning class either.

Day 7 6/15/2017 – Went for the 8:30 pm class after taking a cookie.  Freestyle microstretch for almost 2 hours throughout the day.  Teacher was Rupi, a lady I think it’s my first time in her class.  She is pretty solid.  Session was okay.  Someone walked out with my slippers though that feels annoying…

Day 8 6/18/2017 – I was feeling tired in last 2 days so decided to take breaks from Bikram and let my body recover.  Took a late 8:30 pm evening class.  This class felt much better I felt much stronger.  I guess the body knows the best.  I also haven’t eaten any cookies as I’ve felt kind of weird in the last few days.  I feel a bit disconnected.  It’s not brain fog or anything like that but the feeling of not connected to reality.  It isn’t crystal clear like normally.

Day 9 6/19/2017 – Signed up for City Sports Club which has a decent deal.  $15 initiation fee and then $38.99 for multi-club access monthly.  Only 2 month minimum required.  Now I can get back into 5×5 and lots of indoor basketball.  I played a good 3 hours yesterday.  But many games are frustrating because of the stupid people constantly shooting ill advised long 3’s trying to finish the game.  Lot of people at the Fremont City Sports Club have piss poor ball IQ and it is annoying AF.  I continue to shoot as super high percentages.  Easily 65+% and I consistently dish out assists as well.  I have a bit of greys now and lot of young people likes to call me OG now lol.  Not sure if I should laugh or cry…  getting old kinda sucks.  Also did a 5×5 bench press but was too tired to do anything else.  Also skipped yoga today although I really probably should have gone…  but I will try to balance yoga, weight training and basketball to try to efficiently gain strength and lose weight.  I do have a goal of dropping down to sub 160 lbs and have some real 6 pack abs for the first time in my life.  It’s good to have some goals to have a focus.

Day 10 6/21/2017 8:30 pm class

Day 11 6/23/2017 12 pm class


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repost: Tupac’s Relationship With Machiavelli

Posted by Frank M. Lin 5/11/2017 7:39 am @ San Francisco, California – I’ve always enjoyed rap music and hip pop ever since being exposed to it in California after immigrating from Taiwan to USA in 1986. My first taste was of course Run DMC and LL Cool J. During my high school years Tupak became known and being typical me I hate on people who are loved by everyone initially. I always thought Tupak was great but his ego was too big for my taste. I never liked people who I perceived as not humble. I always resist to like them until later on when I truly appreciate their work. Tupak was one of them. I was being a hater for his success but I couldn’t deny the greatness of his work. I always thought the name Machiavelli sounds bad ass for some reason. Decades later now with the help of google I decided to find out what the name means and why Tupak calls himself that. The result is this blog which is pretty awesome so here I am reposting it.

Life Examinations

I was sitting in my room with my friends listening to my Ipod on shuffle. All of a sudden Tupac Shakur’s “Hail Mary” comes on the speakers. He opens “Makavelli in this? Killuminati/ All through your body/ it blows like a 12 gage shotty [shot gun]”. For years I have been a fan of Tupac and I knew that he called himself Makavelli during the later years of his life. I was also aware that this was a play off of the philosopher Machiavelli. Prior to Political Theory 101 I had never read any of Machiavelli’s works but knew that he was important in the political science arena. I attributed Shakur’s alias to the fact that while he was mostly associated with the “Thug Life”, he was also politically conscious. As I thought about it, that is not a good enough answer for me. So I did a little research…

View original post 880 more words

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VOTD: Blade Runner, 1984, Seinfeld, Uber, ToyotaGAZOO Racing, Professor (bball)

Written by Frank M. Lin 5/9/2017 3:14 am @ San Francisco, California – Slept early and woke up early.  Did quite a bit of deep stretch last night and also did a bit of 25 lbs bicep curls (4×10) so now it is a little sore.  Seems to have slept more than usual…  but the body knows what it needs.  Going on 8 month now on the multi/polyphase sleep.  I think this is the longest stint yet.  But this is my way of life now.  I really don’t see me getting out of this sleep pattern at all.  I will continue for as long as possible.  I feel great and by all indications I’m super healthy.  I will probably try to contact the Stanford Center
for Sleep Sciences and Medicine soon to see if they know much about multi/polyphase sleep.  On to today’s VOTD.

Blade Runner is a legendary sci-fi flick.  I haven’t seen it too many times but it has lot of high quality scenes such as this one.  The film is deep and thought provoking.  Way too advanced and ahead of its time for “normal” people…  it’s truly for the thinkers and philosophers.

Nineteen Eighty-Four – better known as 1984 by George Orwell…  is so shockingly accurate about the present and yet it was written back in the late 1940’s.  Simply amazing – The novel is set in Airstrip One (formerly known as Great Britain), a province of the superstate Oceania in a world of perpetual war, omnipresent government surveillance, and public manipulation.  Sounds familiar?!?!  That is the great USA at present…

On a lighter note, randomly came across this bit Seinfeld that I’ve never seen…

I’m going to drive Uber for fun this week and for the experience.  I will be documenting it with photos and videos.  🙂  So naturally I gotta do some research…  Uber is very controversial but that is because it is a total game changer and uses technology extensively.  I think they are greedy asking for 20-35% of the fee…  but that’s my initial impression.

Super GT racing with Toyota GAZOO Racing.

Toyota finishing 1st, 2nd, and 5th at Spa recently!!  Awesome.

Lastly we have Gary Boucher aka The Professor.  I adopt some of his moves for my own use.  Very practical.  I’m also working on my own theory and I call it Continuously Variable Rhythms and Pace – CVRP for shot…  Even at age 43 my basketball skills is still better better by the day.  Once I drop my weight back down to 160 lbs I’ll be better than ever.  Still gotta get my squat numbers up to 2x body weight.

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repost: 媽媽我不是變成綠的,我只是無法再相信這樣的國民黨。Why KMT Sucks – written by Sing Yueh

Posted by Frank M. Lin 5/8/2017 6:05 pm @ San Francisco, California – I read this piece back in 2014 and it is very eloquently written.  It had just popped on my Facebook “memories” feed so I wanted to archive it on my blog.  I fully share her sentiments.  Personally I have no bias towards green (DPP) nor blue (KMT) party.  Interestingly my mom is a die hard KMT fan and my dad is pretty much DPP.  LOL.



Written by Sing Yueh on May 5th, 2014
































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VOTD: 90’s Le Mans cars, Hypercar track day, 720S, full wind tunnel test, swaybar tech, giant tree, The Matrix behind the scenes

Written by Frank M. Lin 4/26/2017 10:14 am @ Newport Beach – It’s been a productive day.  Got about 2 hours of sleep after watching Leon (aka The Professional here in USA).  Woke up around 6 am and noticed the awesome sunrise and took a quick snapshot on the iPhone 5S and then got the drone ready to fly.  Got another good flight.  Then I did a bit of yoga and freestyle stretching, then push up variations and mixed in with some ab workout.  I made a self commitment today of getting a 6 pack because I never had it before.  It will come with some discipline and I probably need to cut down on my sugar intake…  I definitely have a sweet tooth because if you follow my IG you will notice I’m eating candy all the times especially sour gummy candies.  LOL.  The goal is to have 6 pack by end of the year.  That still leave me more than 7 months so it should no problem.  Alrighty on to some of the videos I wanted today…


McLaren F1 GTR, McLaren F1 GTR LT, Ferrari F40 LM, Porsche GT1, heck even the Nascar Truck (a Toyota Tundra) sounds quite amazing…  epic sounds for sure.

HyperCar track day…  sweet.  Very nice variety.

I always find Shmee kind of annoying when he talks but then again, the production quality of his videos are excellent sometimes.  This is a good example.  Also he gets pretty freaking lucky and gets access to lot of hypercar PR events…  Anyway, I didn’t realize McLaren’s recently 720S is more revolutionary than evolutionary.  From the name I would’ve guessed it’s just another quick release and update but actually just about every aspect of the car has received significant update.  I think they should’ve gave it a better name than 720S.  Kind of a poor branding job in my opinion for such a major release.

I didn’t see this nice video about aero testing in a full fledged windtunnel until today.  Well done SpeedAcademy!!  $2000/hour for such high level windtunnel is actually super reasonable.

Been watching Engineering Explained channel for sometime.  His videos are excellent and frequently I always learn little random tidbits.  It’s pretty cool that he got a Honda S2000 few months ago so now his content is more Honda oriented.

This old tree is HUGE.  OMG WTF BBQ category for sure.  Well over 20 stories tall…  I’m thinking the energy around this tree should be pretty spectacular.  Yes, I’m a tree hugger.  🙂

The Matrix released in 1999 was a total ground breaking film.  I actually have not seen any of the behind the scene footages until today.  The set and production looks awesome.  Ever since getting into drone flying in Dec. 2016 I have thoughts about getting into editing and producing more legitimate youtube videos.  I was checking out a few editors and trying to figure out which one to learn…  and eventually someday that might lead to learning about filmmaking as I’m quite a film buff and critic.  I love good movies and I despise shitty Hollywood movies…  So maybe after I accomplish my more immediate goals I will try.  This is very low on my priority list though…


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Retrospective: Peugeot 905, 905B, 905B Evo

Written by Frank M. Lin 4/25/2017 7:42 am @ Newport Beach, California – I remember lusting after this Peugeot in the early 90’s.  It looks amazing.


I remember this initial design but a little more angular, and red body…  Or was it a street car concept?!  The memory is vague.


The headlight shape was Peugeot’s signature design element at the time.

150 - 24 Heures du Mans 1993. Baldi/ Alliot / Jabouille. Peugeot 905. 3?me

What a beauty.


Distinctive side profile…  I love the rear double decker wing!!  ❤


Bonus video: it’s just GranTurismo 6 but still pretty awesome:


Peugeot 905

The Peugeot 905 is a Sports-prototype racing car introduced for Sportscar racing.

The car was initially unveiled in February 1990 and was developed throughout 1990 before making its race debut in the final two races of the 1990 World Sportscar Championship season (Montréal and Mexico).

The car won the 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race in 1992 with the team of Derek Warwick, Yannick Dalmas, and Mark Blundell. This win was followed in 1993 by the team of Geoff Brabham, Christophe Bouchut, and Éric Hélary, in the 905B. In addition to that, the car won both a drivers´ and teams´ title at the World Sportscar Championship in 1992.

The Peugeot 905 participated in 17 races in its career, winning 9 of them.



In November 1988 Peugeot Talbot Sport, established under the control of Jean Todt at Vélizy-Villacoublay, in the suburbs of Paris,[1]announced the launch of the 905 project to compete in the 1991 championship using the new rules which the 1991 season would introduce.

Technically advanced, the 905 used a carbon fiber chassis engineered by Dassault and a light alloy SA35-A1 3499 cc naturally aspirated V10 engine that was similar to F1 engines of the time. The 905 was built at Vélizy-Villacoublay [2] and officially unveiled on the 4th of July 1990 at the Circuit de Nevers Magny-Cours, with Jean-Pierre Jabouille driving.

The car made its racing debut in the final few races of the 1990 FIA World Sportscar Championship with Jabouille and Keke Rosberg sharing the wheel. Although the car was slower than the contemporary Group C Sports Prototypes, it was notably quicker than the other 3.5 litre Sports-Prototypes which raced in the 1990 World Sportscar Championship season.

The 905’s V10 was slightly adjusted for Formula One rules for 1994, and was used in the unsuccessful McLaren MP4/9 Formula One car.

1991 season

The initial version of the 905 from 1991.

The 905 began its first full season in Sportscar racing by participating in the 1991 championship. Although the car was now quicker than the 1990 version, and indeed the heavily penalised Group C cars that were allowed to race, in the early part of the season the 905 suffered some performance and reliability problems but, more crucially for Peugeot, the car was a lot slower than the standard-setting Jaguar XJR-14 – a car that was able to match the lap times of most contemporary F1 cars (but not those of top cars such the Williams-Renault and McLaren-Honda cars who were at least 2 to 3 seconds faster per lap).

The car was however able to obtain a lucky win at the Suzuka Circuit. Unfortunately, at the 1991 24 Hours of Le Mans, both cars entered did not last past the four hour mark.

To counter Jaguar in the remaining races of the championship the 905 was heavily revised, primarily in aerodynamics. Carrying over only the cockpit of the previous car, the evolutionary 905B was created. With the more notable changes consisting of a two-tier rear wing and an optional full-width front wing, including a more powerful SA35-A2 engine, the 905B made its race debut at the Nürburgring round of the 1991 series. These advancements allowed the team to finish the year winning at Magny-Cours and Mexico with back-to-back 1-2 wins, thus completing the season in second place overall in the 1991 World Sportscar Championship season.

1992 season

In 1992, the 905B became one of only two factory efforts involved in the 1992 World Sportscar Championship season alongside Toyota, who were competing in their first season to the 3.5 litre regulations using the TS010. This meant that only the 1992 24 Hours of Le Mans showed a strong competition among the Group C cars. The 905B was successful, bringing 2 of the team’s 3 cars home in 1st and 3rd places.

1993 season[edit]

The 905B Evo model, with cockpit doors open.

In 1993, the World Sportscar Championship ceased to exist. However, prior to the announcement of its cancellation, Peugeot had begun development of the 905 Evolution 2 to compete in the 1993 season. This car, which was tested for a few laps in practice at the final race of the 1992 season at Magny-Cours was never finished, leaving Peugeot to concentrate solely on 1993 24 Hours of Le Mans with the Evo 1B. They were able to make a historic win by sweeping the first three positions. Following this dominance, Peugeot pulled out of sportscar racing.

Peugeot decided to switch to Formula One, using the same 3.5L V10 from the 905 that was easily adjusted to F1 regulations. In 1994, Peugeot debuted as an engine supplier with the McLaren team, and remained in F1 until the end of the 2000 season, when, after little success, they decided to concentrate on the World Rally Championship, where their factory team had had some success, winning the title on several occasions. However, Peugeot withdrew its works WRC operation at the end of the 2005 season, and returned to Le Mans for the 2007 24 Hours, with the new 908 HDi FAP prototype entry.


First race
Group C1
80° 3,499 cc (214 cu in) V10, 40 valves
650 PS (478 kW; 641 hp) @ 12,500 rpm (905B produced approximately 715 hp (533 kW; 725 PS))
Carbon fiber Monocoque
4.80 metres (189.0 in)
1.96 metres (77.2 in)
1.04 metres (40.9 in)
780 kg (1,720 lb)
Michelin 32x63x17 & 34x70x18

Le Mans results

#5 BaldiAlliotJabouilleDid Not Finish (Engine) (Baldi didn’t drive)
#6 DalmasRosbergRaphanelDid Not Finish (Transmission)
#1 DalmasWarwickBlundell1st (352 laps – 4787.2 km at an average speed of 199.34 km/h)
#2 BaldiAlliotJabouille3rd
#31 FertéVan de PoeleWendlingerDid Not Finish (Engine)
#3 BouchutHélaryBrabham1st (375 laps – 5,100 km at an average speed of 213.358 km/h)
#1 DalmasBoutsenFabi2nd
#2 BaldiAlliotJabouille3rd

Other results

Suzuka 1991 
Magny Cours 1991 
Mexico 1991 
Silverstone 1992 
Donington 1992 
Suzuka 1992 
Magny Cours 1992 


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VOTD: DJI Ronin 2, model engine kits, Mandela effect, racecar aerodynamics, boxing rhythm…

Written by Frank M. Lin 4/24/2017 12:12 pm @ Newport Beach, California – Man DJI is doing nice work. Nice inspiring little mini film (to promote their latest product). Maybe someday I will step up the film ladder too.  I love me good films and I’m a bit of movie critic myself… maybe when I’m a lot older. Lots of to do list to cross off first before I head that way. LOL. I love life. DJI is smoking and dominating the drone market. It’s super impressive how far they have come in 10 years. I haven’t updated nor sent out a resume in over 10 years and I actually got off my butt and applied for an opening at DJI few weeks ago. That’s how much i like them.  Never heard back though, oh well. LOL. I’m still a big fan of them.


An inspiring short film.  I like it.

Technical information about the DJI Ronin 2.

These model engine kits are pretty cool.

Mandela effect is something I find extremely interesting.  I’ve been following it for probably close to a year now.  Some people are saying it has to do with CERN’s LHC project…  and now there are new youtube videos about it.  Check it out…  it’s pretty far out but not out of the realm of possibility.  We live in interesting times.  On a similar far out note, I’ve read the argument that we might be living in a huge computer simulation.  The more I read and study the more I feel that’s also a possibility.  I have formulated theories of my own to support the argument.  I will write about them in the future…

Nice informative video about racecar aerodynamics!

Good boxing technique analysis that applies to MMA as well.  Timing and rhythm.

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repost: Humans are far scarier than ghosts 跟鬼比起來,人可怕多了!天生陰陽眼、宮廟從業10年,她道出台灣最醜惡一面

Written by Frank M. Lin 4/21/2017 9:51 am @ Newport Beach, California – This is the story of a Taiwan medium…  She was borned with the gift to see and communicate with ghosts and has had the ability ever since she can remember.  She serves at the temple in Taiwan communicating with the dead for people who needs such help.  Unfortunately majority of the time all that the living people care about is money and nothing else.  People fight over for inheritance all the times in Taiwan.  They rarely acknowledge the actual wishes of the dead.  Now days this medium is no longer in the ghost consulting field she is doing something she loves – being an umpire for baseball.




2017年04月21日 19:03 風傳媒















(圖/John Y. Can@flickr)
比起鬼魂來說,人的貪欲更可怕(圖/John Y. Can@flickr)























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repost: Hospice Care 原來「臨終」是這樣子的…,明白以後就別再帶給親人痛苦了!

Written by Frank M. Lin 4/20/2017 7:41 am @ Newport Beach, California – My dearest mom passed away in my arms at a hospital 3 years ago at 4/10/2014 in Taipei, Taiwan.  She asked not to get resuscitated and we respected her decision despite the fact that my brother and sister were flying from USA to Taiwan to see her.  The only reason she passed away was the evil ass oral chemotherapy drug she took about 3 days prior on Monday 4/7/2014.  She had a weak moment and believe it would help her.  For many years I totally predicted the outcome of her western treatment.  Not 1 bit was a surprise to me.  Due to her battle with lung cancer I had read up on the subject extensively.  Easily over 100 books.  I feel like I have a very good understanding of it now.  I wish I knew all this when she was first diagnosed many years ago.  I would have been able to ease her mind a lot better knowing what I know now.  I think of her frequently and miss her dearly.  I know she is with me spiritually but just not physically…




由於人們對於「臨終」的認識普遍上來說還有很多的誤解,大家都應該好好了解,千萬不要給親人帶來不必要的痛苦!而這篇文 章將從醫學的角度告訴大家「臨終」的過程,希望大家能有所了解,幫助家人和自己一起坦然面對…


2/10 一個車禍的22歲男性被送進了加護病房,此時的他生命垂危,幾乎不能說話。接著,在長達3個小時的時間裡,醫院不允許家人 進入病房看望這個隨時會離開的親人,在之後的時間裡,也只允許一個親人每隔2 小時進去看望5分鐘。 在漫長的等待中,沮喪的女友只好回家了,父母也撐不住身心的疲憊所以睡著了,一直等到護士通知他們病人已過世時才驚醒過 來。因為沒能和親人見上最後一面、說些告別的話,家屬的悲痛驟然升溫…但其實這還算不殘忍。


在最後的日子裡,病人常常要被動的接受這樣的「待遇」:一是『過度治療』。有些病人甚至直到生命的最後一刻仍在接受創傷 性的治療。另一個極端則是『治療不足』,也就是說,病人受到的痛苦和不適一直到了死亡也沒有得到充分的解脫。 那麼,生命在最後的幾週、幾天、幾小時裡到底是處於什麼樣的狀態呢?一個人在臨近死亡時,體內又會出現什麼變化?在想什 麼?需要什麼?我們該做什麼,不該做什麼?怎樣做才能讓生命能以舒適、寧靜甚至有個美麗的終結? 臨終期一般為10 到 14 天(有時候可以縮短到24小時)在這一階段,醫生的工作應該從「幫助病人恢復健康」轉向「減輕痛苦」。 臨終的病人常處於脫水狀態,吞嚥出現困難,周圍循環的血液量銳減,所以病人的皮膚摸起來涼涼的…你不要以為病人會冷,需 要加蓋被子來保溫。相反,即使只是在他們的手腳加上一點點重量的被子,絕大多數臨終病人都會覺得太重、無法忍受。 呼吸衰竭,會使得臨終病人呼吸困難,給予氧氣似乎是順理成章的事。但他們已失去了利用氧氣的能力,此時給他們供氧是無法 減輕這種「呼吸飢餓」的。正確的做法是:打開窗戶和電風扇,在病床周圍留出足夠的空間。另外,使用嗎啡或其他有類似的合 成麻醉劑來減輕病人呼吸困難和焦慮的最好辦法。


當吞嚥困難使病人無法進食和喝水時,有些家屬會想到用胃管餵食物和水,但瀕死的人常常不會感到飢餓。相反,脫水的缺乏營 養的狀態會造成血液內的酮體累積,進而產生一種止痛藥的效果,使病人有一種異常愉快感。這時即使給病人灌輸一點點葡萄 糖,都會「抵消」這種異常的愉快感。 而且,此時給病人餵食還會造成嘔吐、食物進入氣管容易造成窒息、病人不配合而痛苦掙紮等後果,使病人無法安靜的走向死 亡。靜脈輸液雖然能解決陷入急性意識模糊狀態病人的脫水問題,但同時帶給病人的是水腫、噁心和疼痛。


在生命的最後階段,甚至在死前三個月之久,不少病人和別人的交流減少了,心靈深處的活動增多了。不要以為這是拒絕親人的 關愛,這是瀕死的人的一種需要:「離開外在世界,與心靈對話」。 一項對100個晚期癌症病人的調查顯示:死前一個星期,有 56% 的病人是清醒的,44%嗜睡,但沒有一個處於無法交流的昏迷 狀態。但當進入死前最後6 小時,清醒者僅佔8%,42%處於嗜睡狀態,一般人昏迷。所以,家屬應抓緊與病人交流的合適時 間,不要等到最後而措手不及。 隨著死亡的臨近,病人的口腔肌肉變得鬆弛,呼吸時,積聚在喉部或肺部的分泌物會發出咯咯的聲音,醫學上稱為「死亡咆 哮」,這會讓人聽了很不舒服。但此時如果用吸引器吸痰的話常常會失敗,並給病人帶來更大的痛苦。應將病人的身體翻向一 側,頭枕的高一點,或用藥物減少呼吸道分泌。 瀕死的人在呼吸時還常常發出嗚咽聲或喉鳴聲,不過病人並不一定有痛苦,此時可用一些止痛劑,使他能繼續與家屬交談或安靜 的走向死亡。記住,沒有證據表明緩解疼痛的藥物會促使死亡。聽覺是最後消失的感覺,所以,不想讓病人聽到的話即使在最後 也不該隨便說出口。 ­


這幾天,我一再的說,我一再的想:為什麼,為什麼直到現在,我才讀到了這篇文章。現在是什麼意思?現在是,我的父母已經 先後去世,而一直到他們生命的最後時光,我都沒有和這篇文章相遇,所以在無知中鑄成大錯… 所有的誤解都基於一個前提,我們和臨終者已經無法溝通,我們最愛的親人已經無法講出他們的心願和需求,我們只好一意孤 行。而本來只需要一點點基本的醫學常識,事情並不複雜。 我想起我抓著父親的手,他像水一樣涼。我命令弟弟說:「爸爸冷,快拿毯子!」現在才知道,他其實並不冷,只是因為循環的 血液量銳減,皮膚才變得又濕又冷。而此時在他的感覺中,他的身體正在變輕,漸漸的漂浮、飛升…這時候哪怕是一條絲巾,都 會讓他感覺到無法忍受的重量,更何況是一條毯子!?


我想起直到父親嚥下最後一口氣,醫生才拔下了接在他身體上的所有的管子,同時因為我們覺得他幾天幾夜沒喝水、進食,所已 總是試著做一些哪怕是徒勞無功的嘗試。母親早上送來現榨的西瓜汁,裝在有刻度的嬰兒奶瓶裡;我們姐弟每天都在討論著爸爸 今天到底喝了多少水。現在才知道,他其實並不餓。 那時候,他已從病痛中解脫出來,天很藍、風很輕、樹很綠、花很鮮豔、水在流,就像藝術、宗教中描述的那樣……這時候,哪 怕是幫病人注射一點點的葡萄糖,都會抵消那種異常的愉快感,都會破壞他美麗的歸途。父親是個沉默寡言的人,在最後急性意 識模糊的狀態中,卻突然變得喋喋不休,而且是滿口的台語。我擔心他離我而去,我想喊住他,他卻絲毫不理會… 現在才知道,那個時刻,他與外界的交流少了,心靈深處的活動卻異常活躍,也許青春,也許童趣,好戲正在一幕幕的上演。我 怎麼可以無端打斷他,將他拖回這個慘痛的現實中呢?我應該做的,只是靜靜的守著他,千萬千萬不要走開。臨終者昏迷再深, 也會有片刻的清醒,這大概就是傳說的迴光返照吧,這時候,他必定想找他最牽腸掛肚的人,不能讓他失望的離開。


我還記得父親此生表達的最後願望,是要拔去他鼻子上的氧氣管。可是我們兩個不孝子女是怎樣的違拗了他的意願啊,我和弟弟 一人一邊強按住他的手,直到他的手徹底綿軟。現在才知道,對於臨終者,最大的仁慈和人道是避免不適當的、創傷性的治療。 不分青紅皂白地「不惜一切代價」搶救,是多麼的愚蠢和殘忍! 父親走了…醫生下了定論,護士過來作了最後的處理。一旁看熱鬧的病人和家屬說:「兒子、女兒都在,快哭,快喊幾聲嘛」。 可不知為什麼,我竟然一點也哭喊不出來,弟弟也執拗的沉默著。現在才知道,聽覺是人最後消失的感覺,爸爸沒有聽到我們的 哭泣,不知道他是高興還是難過? 生和死都是自然現象,這我明白。只是現在才知道,自然竟然把生命的最後時光安排得這樣有人情味,這樣合理,這樣好,這樣 的…自然而然,是人自作聰明的橫加幹涉,死亡的過程才變得痛苦而又漫長。


某一天上午,我突然發現我對面的同事淚流滿面,一個50多歲的男人的失態讓我詫異。問他怎麼了,他告訴我看了上面的文章想 起了他母親臨終前的情形。他說就像上文描述的那樣,覺得母親冷了給她穿保暖的衣服,蓋厚厚的被子,覺得母親幾天沒有進 食,不停給她輸液,他母親想回家,可他堅持讓她住在醫院。他自認為盡了孝心,可是沒想到給她帶來莫大的痛苦。 人總是要死的,帶著輕鬆、美麗踏進另一個世界,一定會走得更好。現在,我讀到了這篇文章。我要保留著它直到最後的時光, 如果有可能,我要求我的孩子照此辦理,讓我的靈魂在最後能快樂的飛翔。 如果你也不想後悔,請分享這篇文章給你的親友以及你深愛的人吧! 告訴他們原來這才是臨終時真正的感受!

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VOTD: Yaris WRC Rd. 4, Super GT Rd. 1, WEC 6 hour @ Silverstone, Silverstone mistakes, Yuri Bezmenov

Written by Frank M. Lin 4/17/2017 7:02 am @ Arcadia, California – Last week I stayed with my friend JJ at his dope bachelor’s pad in Newport Beach.  Over the weekend I miss my cousin’s kids too much already so I decided to come back to Arcadia to play with them.  They are aged 12, 8, 6, 4 and and boy it’s crazy house at times.  They are great kids but always competitive and they fight over the silliest things.  The loudness and decibels and high pitch voice is too much to bear sometimes.  Luckily I’m the middle age uncle with infinite patience who is a kid a heart but also extremely smart and wise (if I may say so myself lol) I have no problem dealing with them.  I see right through them these silly rugrats are no match for me.  I’m just having great times with them.  They are all so adorable and cute in their own ways…  On to today’s VOTD.


Let us starts with a lovely video from Toyota Gazoo Racing.  Excellent video quality with good background music.  Good technical information about how and what the team is doing…  just overall all A+++ video.  Enjoy.  Gotta love how the Toyota CEO is out there to support the team!!

Next let’s check out Super GT in Japan it is Round 1 at Okayama International Circuit.  OMG WTF BBQ they already have LC500 Super GT race car!!!  It looks bad ass.  Me mucho like it.  I gotta say Toyota is VERY serious about their racing in 2017.  Between the WEC, Super GT, WRC, and their GT3 program that is a LOT going on.  Sure would be nice to get in and be part of their program (moi day dreaming, I can dream can’t I?)…

By comparison to the above two videos the WEC video is not as well done in my opinion.  I don’t like the music much, and the video is not super informative…

Nice compilation of driver errors and crashes…

Lastly we get a little serious and learns from Yuri Bezmenov.  He is a famous Russian defector and a anti-communist.  I learn of him earlier today when I was requested to answer a question about him and Taiwan in quora…  interesting guy.

Bonus video:

I have only just realize modern day F1’s braking performance is now up to amazing 6G of deacceleration!!  That boggles my mind a bit as my mind was still thinking braking performance was around 4G I guess that was about 15-20 years ago.  LOL.

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