repost: Shenta Tsai Interview: Taiwan’s EV Rebel

Written by Frank M. lin April 18th, 2019 3:49 am @ Shilin, Taipei, Taiwan – I had shared this article on my FB recently but I think not many people have read it.  I had re-read the article again and it contains many gold nuggets.  Shenta is a very smart self taught electrical engineer and that’s highly inspiring.  His insights are very useful to anyone with interest in EV technology.  I wanted to archive this article in case it gets erased from the Internet…  so here it goes.  I recommend reading it thoroughly.



Shenta Tsai Interview: Taiwan’s EV Rebel



The first time we encountered Shenta Tsai’s work was over a year and a half ago, with his ultra-highly modified electric scooter, based upon an Eton E-Go. Highly modified would not begin to convey the amount of re-engineering and transformation the scooter underwent. The encounter took place some six months before Gogoro officially debuted in Taiwan, and was to be our first experience with a serious e-scooter, far different from the common variety then in Taiwan or China, safe for grandma. Riding this immaculately re-worked and reconceived machine was a revelation. Over the course of a half-hour ride, it felt as though one had suddenly been catapulted seven years straight into the future, and knew it with every cell of the body. The scooter accelerated fast, seriously fast, yet was silent, smooth, and refined. It wasn’t just extraordinary, it was a paradigm shift on what a scooter could be. How could something this exist – why weren’t these everywhere? In time, they will be, as firsthand experience with such next-level, next-gen electric scooter and motorcycle performance will tend to make instant converts.

Shenta Tsai is a unique figure in Taiwan’s EV community, much admired and respected by enthusiasts who convert and assemble their own electric scooters and motorcycles, who often refer to him affectionately as “Professor S”. Tsai says he didn’t receive a formal education in electrical engineering, and is mostly self- taught, having spent many long hours over the years, studying everything he could get his hands on to fuel what he calls his “passion” for speed. He’s been burning the midnight oil over the better part of a decade, and with fascinating results. Tsai’s company Mobipus now makes high-end motor controllers, a component that regulates the energy output from the battery and instructs the motor how to move. Mobipus’ operation includes an R&D center in Taiwan and an assembly plant in Thailand, where Tsai’s family business used to produce single-use cameras.

Tsai’s family moved to Canada, to Montreal, when he was in the 5th grade, and he would later spend time in the US, in Detroit. He returned to Taiwan after studying international business, and joined the family’s disposable camera business as an international sales rep at first, working with clients like Kodak and Konica. Tsai says he didn’t start pursuing EVs for the sake of the environment, but rather out of a passion (a word he uses a lot) for speed, performance, and the thrill that electric drive delivers.

WN: How did you go from making single-use cameras into the world of EVs?

ST: I liked fast cars – speed was always my obsession and it’s what led me to attempt building my own electric bike. I saw the ‘Killacycle’ [world’s fastest 1⁄4 mile EV, 0–100 km/h in just under 1 second], saw this stunning amount of torque and the true capabilities of electric drive. That’s what really ignited this passion. I say “passion” because for me, being passionate about what you do comes first, the money is secondary. That’s how I fell into developing electric bikes. In between, we did a lot of research into controllers and everything else; we put major effort into analyzing and engineering motors. I tried to buy magnets from TDK and Hyundai, and acquired some 150 motors from around the world, taking them apart to study their design. I think in R&D, you really have to be obsessed to make progress Not everyone has that drive. I mean, during this period my girlfriend of eight years left, and I was alone when everyone was out to play. I was hitting the books, studying papers on electrical engineering, everything I could get my hands on. It was a difficult period over which a huge amount of sweat equity was invested. That’s why I call it…yeah, my obsession.


WN: The company you formed with all that you’ve learned, Mobipus, makes motor controllers right?

ST: Yes, that’s what we produce right now, along with a range of accessories. The concept of the company is built around a very simple idea and philosophy: I just want to make great products to fuel our passion, and share it with people I like. Fuck commercial products made for profit only. I ask myself, am I pleased with this; would I pay for it? Never ask what your clients’ needs are because if your standards are higher, you’ve got to satisfy yourself first. My idea is simple: we don’t look for ready-made solutions, we don’t buy other people’s know-how. We go from not knowing to knowing. I ask, am I pleased with this? That is always our starting point and ending point. Right now we are also working on developing a new BMS.

WN: BMS, a battery management system?

ST: Yes, the BMS is critical. Everyone talks about better battery cells, but it’s the BMS that really controls the performance you can extract. Among other things, there’ve been incidents with cheap Chinese chargers posing problems for others. So we started developing a new battery protection system which we’ll release, totally open source, to share with everyone, to benefit all.

WN: What’s your opinion about plugging in versus battery swap systems?

ST: I think the swap approach is a transitional step. Battery swapping is a business model, but in the long run, the plug-in will still be the answer. Battery tech is good now, but always improving, always advancing, and many companies around the world are working on it. EVs are on the rise and batteries will just keep getting smaller, higher density, and charge faster. Just give it time. The best cells are great now, but in ten years, they’ll be so sophisticated, you can’t imagine. Just let them get there, then when you can go 500 km, 1000 km, on a single quick charge, then who needs to swap? I’m not a big fan of swapping, I don’t think it makes sense, all things considered. Even Tesla didn’t go with the swap approach.

Tsai rides his creation, the “Red Devil”, one of the fastest accelerating electric motorcycles around.

WN: Tesla contemplated battery swapping at one point, and abandoned it, didn’t they?

ST: Tesla today has an 8-year unlimited-mile warranty on their battery, and Zero Motorcycles guarantees their batteries for 5 years and 160,000 km. In both cases, they can do this because they have an excellent battery management system on them. That’s the key point. The media and everyone focusses on batteries, but it’s the BMS that makes all the difference. In Taiwan, when someone comes to us with a bad battery, we take off their BMS, and rebalance the cells. After we rebalance them, and put it back, the battery performs. You see the problem is not with the battery, but with the BMS and its design.

WN: How much are EVs in Thailand growing? There’s been talk in the press about the government’s investment in the EV industry.

ST: A lot of what you hear happening in Thailand is mostly PR, and not really worth mentioning; it’s just for show. The reason is simple: it’s politicians putting on demonstrations, usually with a small EV, maybe with the prime minister, or some other news about EV demos with a university and politicians, just to promote themselves and their party. But I’m surprised by all the hybrid vehicles we now have in Thailand. On the other hand, the government in Singapore impressed me by how hard they’re making the push for EVs. The Singaporean government came to me several times, offering to buy a share of my company, encouraging us to setup our R&D center there, offering a high rise location, subsidies, grants and no corporate income tax, to lure us over there. That’s something I really believe Taiwan can improve on. Taiwan’s government tries to promote EVs, but I personally think they can do a whole lot better.

WN: What about China?

ST: China will be a game changer for EVs. Beginning in the early 1990s, when China’s growth period started and the economy began taking off, they realized that their fossil fuel reliance was going to be a problem. All their fuel is imported, leaving them very vulnerable to shortages, something which clearly isn’t in their national interest in the long run. So the government began subsidizing a lot of research into battery technology. BYD started out making batteries. China’s top two EV manufacturers both came into being through government subsidized R&D. In the 2000s, with the rise of mobile phones, battery capacity increased ten fold, and the battery industry took off. China doesn’t have petroleum, so they’re strategically subsidizing batteries. I’ve driven a BYD and they’re really nice. A friend of mine who is also in the industry drives one. I like that car, the handling, the motor performance, and the quietness. I think it’s better than Hyundai. I don’t think the Korean EVs are as good as China’s.

WN: What’s the battery’s role for EVs moving ahead?

ST: The battery is a major thing for an EV industry, on that we all agree. Look at Germany and see what they’re doing with their technical prowess. BMW is sort of doing EVs with the i3, Mercedes has hybrids, Porsche has excellent engineers, plug-in hybrids, great inverter tech, but who makes their battery? Samsung. They don’t have a mass commercial battery manufacturer. Who can really do electric cars then? Japan, the US, and China, because they have the battery technology and battery manufacturing capability.

WN: When do you think the major changeover to EVs will occur?

ST: The question is about necessity, and not when. When I was ten, I remember hearing that the world will run out of fossil fuels in fifty years. Now I’m almost forty, and still hearing that we’re going to run out of fossil fuels in fifty years. I think we have an abundance of oil, but you see, the petroleum industry is trying to frighten us about a scarcity of oil so they can control its price. Now, however, the oil industry is starting to feel pressure from the rise of EVs. That’s why the price of oil is dropping. The price of batteries is coming down like crazy too. Lithium battery prices have halved compared to only a few years ago. So give them just another few years to drop the price by half again. EVs are going to be cheaper than gas vehicles! I think that the major changeover will start taking place within five years, at the current pace, unless another dude like Elon Musk with Tesla appears, who really wants to be a game changer, speeding things up even more. EVs are not just better for the environment, they’re also cheaper, or will be cheaper. Commercial fleets like FedEx and DHL are already going electric. The reason for these commercial operators switching is purely the reduced operational cost. Their return on investment is within three years due to the significantly lower fueling, operating, and maintenance costs of EVs.

WN: There’s a certain reverence in the EV community for your electric motorbike the “Red Devil”. Tell us about it.

ST: My bike, the Red Devil, is the fastest accelerating performance bike that you can ride. It goes from 0–100 km/h in just 3.6 seconds. [The Killacycle mentioned earlier, is designed only for drag racing.] It was the first to do 100 km/h in sub 4 seconds. Best of all, there’s no clutch, no gears, no ramp-up. When gas bikes accelerate, a high level of skill is needed to release the clutch and change gears quickly, at precisely the right time, a real skill to reach max performance which not everyone masters. When we were testing the Red Devil at the Penbay International Circuit last year, in the straightaway, the gas bikes might get up to 160 km/h, changing gears, where we can get up to 134 km/h with a single gear, but that’s the only place where they still have an advantage. Once we start hitting the curves and turns, due to their size, weight, and acceleration curve, the gas bikes have to aim for the largest radius, but the Red Devil has so much instant torque, we don’t need to follow the widest radius. We have so many lines through the turns we can choose, rather than just in and out in the widest arc. Everyone there was completely blown away.

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repost: From Startup To Unicorn: How Meero Is On Its Way To Achieving This Coveted Rank

Written by Frank M. Lin April 10th, 2019 3:00 am @ Yilan, Taiwan – Haven’t posted a blog in a while.  I just read this article and thought it is worthy of a repost blog entry.  🙂  This is a very good article talking about start ups… Many good points for any CEO or upper management to think about


From Startup To Unicorn: How Meero Is On Its Way To Achieving This Coveted Rank



For startups, it’s the Holy Grail, the goal to reach. In fact, only 2% of them will. But what makes a unicorn a unicorn? Growth, obviously. And “get big fast” has been a startup mantra since the 1990s. Starting a business that is highly scalable is definitely helpful. In its report, “Scale-up, the experience game”, the audit firm Deloitte states that “the median successful start-up realized $300K of revenues after five years, and realizes 5% annual top-line growth thereafter”. This is not big enough to hit the much coveted rank. You have got to do more. Alright, but how?

Meero Team

Exponential growth that seems to have no limit could well propel the startup to the coveted rank of a unicorn.MEERO

Playing it safe and offering services to the last generation of unicorns is a good start. Providing services and high-scale photo solutions for global players that are now IPOs can surely get you there. It makes sense that doing business with billion-dollar companies is going to increase your value. It certainly works for approaching clients, but what can make the difference is how you approach your partners.

We all know of the companies that helped cab drivers and landlords optimise their revenue streams. Meero is a good example of this kind of service. Started in 2016, it allows the 31,000 brands that helped raise billions in initial funds to book photoshoots in the blink of an eye anywhere in the world and have them delivered back fully-edited and ready to use 24 hours later.

It has brought together a community of 52,000 photographers and given them the opportunity to follow their passion by ensuring regular contracts. Because if the need for photo and video content is increasing everywhere and for everyone, especially for major brands that have to ensure a visual presence on any medium, the photographic production sector itself has not changed until now. The processes, the prices, the technology and the means of carrying out a photoshoot have been roughly the same for decades, whether it be on the photographer’s side or that of the customer. Yet the number of freelance photographers/videographers is still increasing without the guarantee of regular contracts and revenues and with poor access to technology. The idea is therefore to address this community with one tool and offer concrete solutions to improve daily work. This is one of the keys if you believe the Tech startups founders’ blog RocketSpace which advises you to “firmly believe your product or service will radically improve users’ lives”.

The start-up, currently at 540 staff members, is most clearly engaged in prospecting, and directly proposing projects with leaders in travel, food and retail worldwide. It then manages the entire customer relationship, from guidelines and billing through to delivery and storage of content, freeing photographers from time-consuming and laborious tasks that rarely fall within their expertise. If equipping a large community with offers that simplify their daily lives is what makes a unicorn, identifying a pain point is the real game changer.

uncaptioned image

If vision and innovation are key elements, they must join other fundamental components to ensure the growth of a startup.MEERO

Technology is a key ally for companies that want to add real value to a market. While payment solution startups improve the user experience by digitizing invoice management and removing all paperwork, Meero’s cutting-edge technology for content enrichment gives a precise answer to a problem that plagues professional photography: editing. It’s a tedious job that takes up 20-40% of a photographer’s time. “Our AI technologies harness Meero’s talents by handling the hidden work of photographers” says Jean-François Goudou, VP of Research. Meero has invested in an AI capable of processing photoshoots in a few seconds, when currently a 60 minute photo shoot requires several hours of editing. This innovation, developed within the Meero Research Center coupled with its corporate solutions, allows photographers to spend more time doing what they love: taking pictures.

It’s a real innovation that could fundamentally transform an industry that was previously subject to numerous hazards (long delivery times, uneven returns, disparate prices, etc.). This all translates into a simplification of the relationship between brands and photographers and offers more transparency in the photoshoot process and costs involved in production.

If vision and innovation are key elements, they must join other fundamental components to ensure the growth of a startup. The rise of startup is also explained by the transformation of a mature market. According to CB Insight, 42% of startups fail because there was no market need**. In the case of Meero, the world of professional photography was waiting to be disrupted, and the company seized the opportunity to occupy a vacant place because no actor had put themselves globally on this stage. A venture that has worked since its creation, Meero doubles its turnover quarterly and continues to grow worldwide with offices in New York, Shanghai, Bangalore, Tokyo and Sydney. At this rate, Meero will have 1,000 employees by the end of 2019.

Exponential growth that seems to have no limit could well propel the startup to the coveted rank of a unicorn.

Adeline AnfrayAdeline Anfray Brand Contributor

Passionate about the media, Adeline Anfray has spent +10 years in the entertainment industry before entering the Tech ecosystem when she joined Meero in 2018. There, she handles all PR related subjects, working closely with young cofounder and CEO Thomas Rebaud


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VOTD: How do Lobsters grow? Sealed indictments…

Written by Frank M. Lin 2/22/2019 4:49 pm @ Fremont, California – alright, usually my VOTD list is more than 2 videos.  But since the 2nd video is so long and quite info dense lets just do two for the day…  heck, I’m still finishing up the video myself.  LOL.

Short but very insightful video.  It is what I consider a golden nugget!  This rabbi is very wise.  He looks totally spiritual as well.

This subject I’ve heard since a year ago.  It has been brewing for some time.  I hope it is real..  that would be totally awesome.  This particular narrator I’m hearing for the first time.  I like his calm style.  It is very informational.  Worth the time if you want to become more aware…

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Retrospective: 2013/2014 AKMEE Engineering 4-2-1 B18C prototype full titanium header (used and colorful)

Written by Frank M. Lin 2/22/2019 3:06 am @ Niles Canyon, California – It seems like I never wrote an actual blog entry for the original titanium prototype.  What a shame!  I did however shared it as a google photo album since long ago.  I feel like this definitely deserves an entry as it was a special moment in time.



The prototype was built in the mid-2013 and track tested at a RHD DC2 Integra Type-R at the Pen Bay International Circuit in Southern Taiwan.




The unit went from satin silver to a absolutely stunning color.



Fully back purged and beautiful internally.  Also check out the K swap titanium header article in case you haven’t seen it.  That was produced in May of 2014.

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repost: Radical Integration of Self: Strong Back, Soft Front, Wild Heart

Written on 2/21/2019 12:47 am – I came across this article by chance few days ago.  First I only glanced over it quickly but thought to myself the piece seems rather interesting.  Then eventually I found some spare time and read it fully.  Then I thought wow that was really something, then I went back and read it again…  definitely worth blogging about so here I go.


“The strong back is having grounded confidence and healthy boundaries. The soft front is staying vulnerable and curious. The mark of a wild heart is living out these paradoxes in our lives. It’s showing up in our vulnerability and our courage, and, above all else, being both fierce and kind.” ~Brene Brown

Integrating the self is no walk in the park. The self is a deliciously complex thing, multilayered and easily tricked into donning false armor.

Vulnerability is complicated. Sometimes we think we’re being vulnerable when we’re really just trapped inside the prison of our own comfort zone, wallowing in the false security and safety it bolsters, which ultimately blocks creativity, adventure, and authentic vulnerability.

Don’t get me wrong, comfort zones are important. They are good for creating boundaries and being a sacred space where we can lick our wounds, regroup, and come back stronger and empowered. It’s only when our comfort zone becomes armored that we run into problems. It’s when the front becomes armored that we lose the underlying essence of things; that we lose our creativity and adventurous spirit; that we lose the wild heart that keeps everything recyclable and fresh.

As it turns out, the only real armor we need is a strong back…

Strong back:

“Stop wearing your wishbone where your backbone ought to be.”~Elizabeth Gilbert

The problem with having a wishbone for a backbone is that there is never any self-improvement. The self exists in a limited, disempowered, codependent state. There’s only wishful thinking, magical thinking, and “thoughts and prayers” without any real thought. The self is trapped in the willfully ignorant prison of its own safe and secure comfort zone.

The key is to break the codependent cycle through courageous independence, which leads to provident interdependence.

Forget comfort; stretch your zone. Forget safety, risky endeavors are more fun. Forget security; there are adventures to be had that only dangerous freedom can allow. As Jan Sicero said, “There is no riskier risk than refusing to risk at all.”

Just remember to regroup with comfort, security and safety further down the line. Then repeat. Health is almost always cyclical.

Having a strong back is having proactive grounded confidence despite the safety and security of the comfort zone. It’s foremost in the character of true leaders.

Backbone first, wishbone second. Having a backbone is leading by robust and healthy example despite the weak and unhealthy crowd. Then it is going one step further and teaching that crowd how to be strong and healthy by showing them how to stop wearing their wishbone where their backbone should be.

Soft front:

“It’s very hard to have ideas. It’s very hard to put yourself out there. It’s very hard to be vulnerable, but those people who do that are the dreamers, the thinkers, and the creators. They are the magic people of the world.” ~Amy Poehler

The soft front is the creative front. It’s where the magic of the self meets the magic of the cosmos to create the magic elixir of divine union.

When we have an invulnerable front (hard front), we close ourselves off to the underlying essence of things. But when we have a vulnerable front (soft front), we open ourselves up to the Great Mystery of cosmos and our place in it.

This is where real magic is made. I don’t mean cartoon in the brain magic, or magical thinking. I mean authentic magic, integrated magic. The magic of imaginative interdependence and the sacred art that comes from it.

Combined with a strong back, a soft front is a true force to be reckoned with. A force of creative and interconnected nature: a cosmic hero who creates an immortality project born from confidence (strong back) and connection (soft front).

Wild heart:

“Chaos, leave me never. Keep me wild and keep me free so that my brokenness will be the only beauty the world will see.” ~R. M. Drake

Fearlessness and fierceness have never been born from having a wishbone for a backbone or from having an invulnerable front. The only way to achieve a state of fearlessness and fierceness (and still be kind) is to integrate a strong back with a soft front. And the only way to maintain this sacred integration is to remain in touch with the bleeding wildness of our own heart.

The true paradox of the human condition is that we imagine the universe is the thing that is paradoxical, when it is really us. We are the paradox. A deliciously complicated paradox. Remaining in touch with our wild heart is a way to both honor this paradox as well as transform it into something that transcends itself.

Life is too short not to taste the delicious nectar of our own wildness, not to feel our deepest darkest wildness howling inside us. As Henry David Thoreau said, “In wildness is the preservation of the world.”

Wildness is freedom. There’s no better definition. When we’re in touch with our wildness, we are in touch with the freest aspect of ourselves. It tends to be counter-culture. It tends to be nonconformist and rebellious. And rightly so. For wildness must defend itself against being controlled, domesticated, and tamed. It must defend its own freedom, or all is lost.

Luckily, as human beings, we have the option of being both wild and tame, both crazy and sensible, both fierce and kind. We contain multitudes. The wild within us only seeks to keep these multitudes as optional, to live out the paradox of being an integrated human.

As Walt Whitman famously articulated:

“Do I contradict myself?
Very well then, I contradict myself;
I am large, I contain multitudes.”

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VOTD: Bill Silberman & His Grandfather Clocks, Fox News commentary

Written by Frank M. Lin 2/11/2019 7:10 am @ Union City, California – Bill is a friend/neighbor I met in 2017. He is a charming old fella. I’ve only spoke to him few times but it is always a joy to hear and learn from his stories. Bill was born in West Germany just 14 km from the border to East Germany. Although when the year he was born in 1932 Germany wasn’t divided yet. At age 6 in 1938 he moved from Germany to Canada. Then he moved to California in 1958 and has been here ever since. He is now 86 years old going to 87 this year.

His mother was into antiques and thus had some what influenced Bill on his lifelong love for old clocks. He worked for a grandfather clock importer in the San Francisco Bay Area until the 1960’s or 1970’s. He did a lot of repair and restoration for them. After he retired he continues to buy and restore old clocks. Now that he is beyond 80 years old he said he just maintains what he already fixed. Next time maybe we’ll see what odds and ends of old clocks that are lurking in his little work shop. 🙂

Very good. Also, a great comment “ispin4u2 12 hours ago (edited)
I’m sick of people using racism incorrectly. Racism is a form of discrimination based on race. Racism requires an action or inaction (e.g., I won’t hire you because you’re black; I won’t rent to you because you’re Hispanic; I’m not promoting you because you’re a white man). Words cannot be racist. The correct term is prejudice; and, everyone has some type of prejudice. Those who claim they do not are liars.”

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VOTD: NEO, Bloomberg on Cryptos, Theranos, Penguins

Written by Frank M. Lin 2/5/2019 4:04 pm @ Union City, California – did 5:30 am bikram yoga class and came home to eat breakfast.  while cooking i watched several videos.  i’ve gotten interest in crypto seriously since Q1 of 2018 after cryptocurrencies started to crash from the all the high of Q4 2017.  i’ve since then done quite a bit of research on them.  The last VOTD was sometimes in mid 2017…  I hope to start putting blogs out regularly.

Read Set Crypto is a YouTube channel that I’ve enjoyed considerably in the last 6 months or so.  He is very funny and does awesome crypto meme reviews.  But this video proves he is quite capable and I really like the way he does his videos.  I’m a big fan.  I might gonna see if I can attend the 2019 NEO DevCon which is coming up shortly in mid-Feb up in Seattle.  NEO is on my top 10 coin to own for long term so I really should get in depth and understand the ecosystem more.

This second video was auto-played after the last.  As I listened, it became obvious it was a very good news segment.  Worth checking out.

I’ve been enjoying Mark Dice for a while.  He can be pretty darn funny and make the liberal cry  I agree with him 95% of the time.  CK is an idiot.  This lawsuit is baseless and will go no where.

These 2 pieces on Theranos I watched as I ate breakfast.  I didn’t know about the company and its CEO until it came crashing down…  It is one of the greatest hoax in the last 20 years.  She seems like a overconfident underachiever that just went all sort of wrongs…  19 year old college dropout with a grand idea but poor execution and she never got the right people to work with her.  A shame really…

Lastly we have a lighthearted nature video.  Enjoy.

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My first Bikram Yoga 30 day challenge, June 2017

Written by Frank M. Lin 6/10/2017 8:48 am @ Fremont, California – Although I have started at Bikram Yoga back in 2005…  I have never tried to do a 30 day challenge.  I have thought about it but never made the actual commitment.  But the timing feels right and I will do my best to complete a 30 day challenge.  As always, the first week of coming back to Bikram is always the hardest…  but soon enough, usually after a week it is actually really pleasurable.  Just have to loosen up and stretch all the darn tendons I have neglected for months.  I will simply update this daily on how I feel.  Need to pick up a scale to track weight loss progress.  I should also note in the past 2 weeks I’ve been sleeping a lot, 8-10 hours a day.  Which is more like normal people but by my own standards that is a lot.  I’m greatly looking forward to returning to super efficient MPSS – Multiphase/Polyphase Sleep Sessions as soon as a week.

Day 1 6/9/2017 – It has been over 6 month since my last Bikram class.  My back has been sore in the last few days due to really poor sleeping postures from crashing inside the backseat of my car.  I endure the class no problem.  It was tough, but since my cardio is excellent from plenty of basketball in the past 2 month it wasn’t particularly challenging.  I was slightly weak mentally but that will go away within about a week.  I feel relatively stiff and this always happens when I take long offs between Bikram.  I simply don’t have the mental strength/discipline to do 90 minutes of Bikram Yoga solo at home.  It is also harder without the heat.  But ever since I experimented with marijuana and yoga I think I could probably do it under the influence as it helps with stretching so much.  I have picked up some more cookies and I will definitely try more.

Day 2 6/10/2017 – Back feels tight and sore.  Hamstring is very tight.  Side torso bends aka half moon pose is challenge.  Today it is the annoying instructor guy…  he likes to make useless (in my opinion) corrections and likes to use a fake husky voice.  I have always find him annoying.  I’m going to avoid his class for sure.  Another major drawback is he short charge the hold by a significant amount on the very important postures and I don’t feel like I get enough stretching.  By useless correction I’m talking about the details like putting your heel and toe together.  In grand scheme of yoga that is utter useless nonsense to insist on such details.  But of course, that is my own opinion after practicing for 12 years.  I mean, there are students with much more pressing issues the teacher should be focusing on.

Day 3 6/11/2017 – This is one of the toughest class I’ve had in a long time.  I was probably pushing myself a bit too hard.  I started 10 minutes before class and I was doing quite a bit of serious warm ups.  By the end of the standing series I felt exhausted mentally.  Physically I wasn’t too bad I only took break from half a posture and that was just to get water because I ran out.  Made minimal progress on flexibility…  I’m always so eager to get through this initial phase.  Sole of my feet is super tight and I find that in normal life it isn’t utilized at all in other times.  None in basketball.  None in daily routines.  Bikram Yoga has many subtle uses of the feet.  In one leg standing postures the feel has to grip the ground firmly.  In lot of postures the tendons in the feet gets a good stretch.  From human anatomy books and videos I learned that the tendons goes from end to the, from finger tips through the body all the way to the toes.  When you try to lengthen the body, it does a lot of subtle stretching _everywhere_.  Currently I have a lot of tightness due to not practiced for months…  this is the pay back time initially for the first week or two.  Then it will become a lot easier.

Day 4 6/12/2017 – I went to Scotts Valley last night to pick up some Lazy 8 Ginger Drop cannabis cookies help help with stretching.  This morning I took half a cookie and it worked like a charm.  Took like 45 minutes to kick in and I had planned to take the 9:30 am class but I forgot my small towel so I drove home to get it.  Knew I couldn’t make it back to class on time so I did my freestyle stretching at home instead.  Did a good hour worth and I developed some new methods of stretching.  It’s quite interesting I will need to experiment more and gather my thoughts on it.  I wanted to call it microstretching throughout the entire body.  More on this later as I figure out how to explain it better.  After over hour of freestyle stretch I felt kind of tired and rolled around the bed and took a long nap.  I’ve been sleeping a lot in the past 10 days.  Sleep quality is very low, never feel energized.  At 6 pm I watched the NBA Finals game 5 and I headed to the yoga studio almost 8 rpm for the 8:30 pm class.  The hour of stretch in the morning helped a lot as I got a bit deeper in many postures.  The hamstring is notably loosened up as well as my spine.  Half moon depth and backward depth improved a bit.  I was able to give a very strong effort without feeling too tired.  Definitely best session so far.

Day 5 6/13/2017 – Went to San Francisco to play couple hours of basketball at the Sunset Rec Center then stopped by my aunt’s house to pick up my belongings.  Went to Seacliff Bikram in Richmond district since they are an affiliated school to Fremont Bikram – we are allowed 5 passes a month to sister schools.  Boy do they turn up the heat this is way warmer than Fremont.  Also got a teacher who does extended holds so this was quite a challenging class.  I ate half a cannabis cookie 30 minutes before class but I didn’t really seem to felt it kick in at all.  Weird.  Going to try full cookie tomorrow instead – was trying to make the $85 30 cookie box last twice as long by eating halfs but it didn’t seem to be strong enough.

Day 6 6/14/2017 – What an odd day.  This was the most un-energetic day I have felt in years that I can recall.  Especially odd since returning to Bikram.  Perhaps it is a sign that I’ve been pushing a bit too hard?  I intended to do either the 4:30 or 6:30 pm class and took a cookie at 2:30 pm.  By 4 pm the cookie was in full effect and I had been doing freestyle stretching since 3 pm or so.  So I got more than an hour of deep stretching going.  But I didn’t feel energetic enough to go to a class and push the static stretching in Bikram poses.  Ended up lounging on the bed and just drifted off sleep.  Next thing you know I slept all through the night and even day break.  Still didn’t feel like going to the morning class either.

Day 7 6/15/2017 – Went for the 8:30 pm class after taking a cookie.  Freestyle microstretch for almost 2 hours throughout the day.  Teacher was Rupi, a lady I think it’s my first time in her class.  She is pretty solid.  Session was okay.  Someone walked out with my slippers though that feels annoying…

Day 8 6/18/2017 – I was feeling tired in last 2 days so decided to take breaks from Bikram and let my body recover.  Took a late 8:30 pm evening class.  This class felt much better I felt much stronger.  I guess the body knows the best.  I also haven’t eaten any cookies as I’ve felt kind of weird in the last few days.  I feel a bit disconnected.  It’s not brain fog or anything like that but the feeling of not connected to reality.  It isn’t crystal clear like normally.

Day 9 6/19/2017 – Signed up for City Sports Club which has a decent deal.  $15 initiation fee and then $38.99 for multi-club access monthly.  Only 2 month minimum required.  Now I can get back into 5×5 and lots of indoor basketball.  I played a good 3 hours yesterday.  But many games are frustrating because of the stupid people constantly shooting ill advised long 3’s trying to finish the game.  Lot of people at the Fremont City Sports Club have piss poor ball IQ and it is annoying AF.  I continue to shoot as super high percentages.  Easily 65+% and I consistently dish out assists as well.  I have a bit of greys now and lot of young people likes to call me OG now lol.  Not sure if I should laugh or cry…  getting old kinda sucks.  Also did a 5×5 bench press but was too tired to do anything else.  Also skipped yoga today although I really probably should have gone…  but I will try to balance yoga, weight training and basketball to try to efficiently gain strength and lose weight.  I do have a goal of dropping down to sub 160 lbs and have some real 6 pack abs for the first time in my life.  It’s good to have some goals to have a focus.

Day 10 6/21/2017 8:30 pm class

Day 11 6/23/2017 12 pm class


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repost: Tupac’s Relationship With Machiavelli

Posted by Frank M. Lin 5/11/2017 7:39 am @ San Francisco, California – I’ve always enjoyed rap music and hip pop ever since being exposed to it in California after immigrating from Taiwan to USA in 1986. My first taste was of course Run DMC and LL Cool J. During my high school years Tupak became known and being typical me I hate on people who are loved by everyone initially. I always thought Tupak was great but his ego was too big for my taste. I never liked people who I perceived as not humble. I always resist to like them until later on when I truly appreciate their work. Tupak was one of them. I was being a hater for his success but I couldn’t deny the greatness of his work. I always thought the name Machiavelli sounds bad ass for some reason. Decades later now with the help of google I decided to find out what the name means and why Tupak calls himself that. The result is this blog which is pretty awesome so here I am reposting it.

Life Examinations

I was sitting in my room with my friends listening to my Ipod on shuffle. All of a sudden Tupac Shakur’s “Hail Mary” comes on the speakers. He opens “Makavelli in this? Killuminati/ All through your body/ it blows like a 12 gage shotty [shot gun]”. For years I have been a fan of Tupac and I knew that he called himself Makavelli during the later years of his life. I was also aware that this was a play off of the philosopher Machiavelli. Prior to Political Theory 101 I had never read any of Machiavelli’s works but knew that he was important in the political science arena. I attributed Shakur’s alias to the fact that while he was mostly associated with the “Thug Life”, he was also politically conscious. As I thought about it, that is not a good enough answer for me. So I did a little research…

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VOTD: Blade Runner, 1984, Seinfeld, Uber, ToyotaGAZOO Racing, Professor (bball)

Written by Frank M. Lin 5/9/2017 3:14 am @ San Francisco, California – Slept early and woke up early.  Did quite a bit of deep stretch last night and also did a bit of 25 lbs bicep curls (4×10) so now it is a little sore.  Seems to have slept more than usual…  but the body knows what it needs.  Going on 8 month now on the multi/polyphase sleep.  I think this is the longest stint yet.  But this is my way of life now.  I really don’t see me getting out of this sleep pattern at all.  I will continue for as long as possible.  I feel great and by all indications I’m super healthy.  I will probably try to contact the Stanford Center
for Sleep Sciences and Medicine soon to see if they know much about multi/polyphase sleep.  On to today’s VOTD.

Blade Runner is a legendary sci-fi flick.  I haven’t seen it too many times but it has lot of high quality scenes such as this one.  The film is deep and thought provoking.  Way too advanced and ahead of its time for “normal” people…  it’s truly for the thinkers and philosophers.

Nineteen Eighty-Four – better known as 1984 by George Orwell…  is so shockingly accurate about the present and yet it was written back in the late 1940’s.  Simply amazing – The novel is set in Airstrip One (formerly known as Great Britain), a province of the superstate Oceania in a world of perpetual war, omnipresent government surveillance, and public manipulation.  Sounds familiar?!?!  That is the great USA at present…

On a lighter note, randomly came across this bit Seinfeld that I’ve never seen…

I’m going to drive Uber for fun this week and for the experience.  I will be documenting it with photos and videos.  🙂  So naturally I gotta do some research…  Uber is very controversial but that is because it is a total game changer and uses technology extensively.  I think they are greedy asking for 20-35% of the fee…  but that’s my initial impression.

Super GT racing with Toyota GAZOO Racing.

Toyota finishing 1st, 2nd, and 5th at Spa recently!!  Awesome.

Lastly we have Gary Boucher aka The Professor.  I adopt some of his moves for my own use.  Very practical.  I’m also working on my own theory and I call it Continuously Variable Rhythms and Pace – CVRP for shot…  Even at age 43 my basketball skills is still better better by the day.  Once I drop my weight back down to 160 lbs I’ll be better than ever.  Still gotta get my squat numbers up to 2x body weight.

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