book recommendation: God:The Failed Hypothesis

I just saw this book as one of the favorite book of a super smart dude so I had to check it out…  hopefully Taipei‘s library have a copy, or else I need to order it from USA so my sister can bring it back.

It only gets 3.5 star but I can already predict it was probably because lot of religious people gave it low ratings…  I don’t believe in any religions and this is my quote from my “religious views”: “most religions contains some truth but are all badly contaminated by its followers for personal reasons/gains… the truth can be found by looking deep down inside. it is easier if you purify your body and clear your mind. then amazing things will happen. – Frank M. Lin 02/19/2011 5pm” so as you can see I believe we are part of the Universe which is mysterious and powerful.  It is amazingly complex, yet amazing simple at times.  Regardless I think this book has got to be a good one to read.  Definitely on my must-read list.  – Frank M. Lin

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

God: The Failed Hypothesis is a 2007 New York Times bestseller by scientist Victor J. Stenger who argues that there is no evidence for the existence of a deity and that God‘s existence, while not impossible, is improbable.

David Ludden of Skeptic magazine wrote that “Stenger lays out the evidence from cosmology, particle physics and quantum mechanics showing that the universe appears exactly as it should if there is no creator.” Ludden concluded “All freethinkers should have both volumes The God DelusionThe God Delusion], side by side, on their bookshelves.”

Damien Broderick wrote in The Australian, “Stenger offers an answer to that deep question in his two new books, arguing a materialist, God-free account of the cosmos, equally antagonistic to superstition, the paranormal and religions archetypal and newfangled alike. He refuses to accept the polite accommodation urged by agnostic Stephen Jay Gould that science and religion can never be in conflict as they are non-overlapping ‘magisteria’.”


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