kawaii desune!! Ashida Mana (super cute baby chick)

her name is Ashida Mana 蘆田愛菜 chinese wiki or 芦田愛菜 japanese wiki and she was born on June 23rd, 2004 so she’s only 6 years old not even 7 yet.  isn’t she adorable??

a lot of the comments are about 小x彬 which i totally agree with, they are little pricks.  this baby chick from Japan is so cute, sweet, and well mannered.  i actually saw the movie that is shown in the clip recently.  it is called 『兩個媽媽』(Mother).  i highly recommend this little Japanese soap opera.  it’s really good.  ^_^

basically the girl has a messed up mom who does not take care of her, and this other woman who is her teacher loves the kid so much and “runs away” with her.  the kid is so sweet in the movie.  ❤ ❤ <3.  i want a daughter like that.  hopefully.  someday.  maybe i’ll just find a super cute kid from the orphanage and adopt her.  heheh.


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