Daniel and Our Cats (Animal Planet) – A Beautiful Yet Tragic Story!!

Updated 2/26/2012 6:08 am @ Union City, California – Every now and then this page gets tons of hits for a few days.  🙂  I guess that’s when it is aired somewhere and people google for “Daniel and Our Cats”.  If you watched the documentary and loved it feel free to leave a comment and share your thoughts!!!

Originally published on 2/21, 2011 10:27 am @ Taipei, Taiwan


I caught this on the Animal Planet cable channel in Taiwan around February 2011.  What a beautiful story.  Daniel and Catherine did an incredible job for creating a paradise for animals in Namibia.  Perhaps some day I will have the privileged to visit their wonderland.  Daniel is so handsome and Catherine is so beautiful.  What a perfect couple they are almost unreal and straight out of the fairy tales.  Sadly towards the end of the story Daniel is killed in a traffic accident.  😦  Poor Catherine.  Rest In Peace Daniel.  But I imagine that you are with the animals you love so much.

man Namibia is SO BEAUTIFUL!!!  i must go visit…  check out the Namibia\’s wiki page


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One Response to Daniel and Our Cats (Animal Planet) – A Beautiful Yet Tragic Story!!

  1. julie says:

    Such a beautiful story – we went through same type of experience which also ended in tragedy! That is why we can feel for both of them!

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