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random Muse/Babe/Chick of the day 5/8/2014 – Cute airline stewardess trains in Thai boxing to stay fit! 氣質空姐盛雪變身格斗美女 坦言:「泰拳已成生活習慣!」

Posted on Thursday 5/8/2014 8:45 am @ Taipei, Taiwan – wow she’s hot. source: http://ck101.com/thread-2979727-1-1.html 氣質空姐盛雪變身格斗美女 坦言:「泰拳已成生活習慣!」 搏擊運動正逐漸受到年輕人的喜愛,美女空姐盛雪就愛上了這項運動,作為泰拳愛好者,練習泰拳已經成為了她的生活習慣。 身為空姐的氣質美女盛雪,將自己的大多數休息時間交給了健身房和泰拳館,只因為在大學時代初次接觸健身的時候便將它作為生活的習慣,到現在已經堅持了4年的健身,在工作不是很忙的情況下保持每周4-5次的健身頻率。 2004年盛雪在K-1比賽上見到泰拳王播求,從此愛上了泰拳,並開始練習,到目前為止,她已經兩赴泰國學習泰拳,並且每天堅持100腿的沙袋掃踢訓練 泰拳,是我最熱愛的運動,在揮汗如雨的過程裡,能讓心情放松,積極向上拼搏的精神能讓我感受到更開心、自由狀態。 空擊,打靶,沙袋訓練,是我目前主要的泰拳訓練模式。盛雪說。 像向日葵永遠努力面向陽光一樣,健身,泰拳,都為生活帶來陽光快樂,這已經成為我的生活方式,帶給我快樂和健康。 Advertisements

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repost: Only kids with out umbrella will run in the rain! 沒有傘的孩子,才會努力奔跑

Last updated 3/3/2014 5:03 am @ Taipei, Taiwan – I’ve read this article once many months ago…  I just happen to come across it again and it is worthy of a repost/sharing.  The article talks about motivation.  When it rains, … Continue reading

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Repost: 我們的美牛操作很愚蠢,難怪輸到脫褲 (Former head Director of Taiwan’s Health Council explains the poor American Beef policy by President Ma is idiotic and that’s why we’re losing our pants off)…

Updated 3/8/2012 7:28 pm @ Hayward, California – I’ve been very vocal about my opinions on lot of politicians. I don’t hide my feelings at all. I’ve always thought Taiwan’s President Ma as a weakling. He doesn’t have back bones … Continue reading

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Taiwan BS – daughter dies in fire, smoker father gets blamed 父未熄菸 燒死愛女

The story basically goes, a young girl in 8th grade was sleeping at home because she was excused from school due to feeling ill.  However, she woke up because there was a house fire and she phoned her father for … Continue reading

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