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repost: 新加坡華人公墓,一個年輕國家的歷史記憶

Written by Frank M. Lin 4/9/2017 7:11 am @ Arcadia, California – I love history.  This large graveyard is of significant historic importance.  We have just passed the 100 centennial memorial for WW1.  WW2 actually wasn’t all that long ago … Continue reading

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repost: Did History Professor Heather Richardson Posit the Immigration Ban Was a ‘Shock Event’? : snopes.com

Written By Frank M. Lin 2/2/2017 7:08 am @ Scott’s Valley, California – My fb friend Mark King shared Professor Heather Richardson’s political commentary piece and I thought it was great.  I will post the original first, and then also … Continue reading

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VOTD: octopus trick, deepstaria, Mg battery, e-bike tricks, cycling robot, Falklands Islands war, 鄭南榕 memorical

Posted 6/29/2014 3:35 pm @ La Courneuve, Paris, France – few more great videos that I’m booking marking VOTD style. Sooooo trick.  Remember the thermoptics camouflage suit from Ghost In The Shell’s Major Motoko Kusanagi?  Nature does it better.  I ❤ … Continue reading

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repost: What if Japan was divided up after WW2? 二次大戰終日本如果這樣被裂解?

Last updated 3/4/2014 7:08 am @ Taipei, Taiwan – Wow I didn’t know this was being considered at the time.  How interesting…  The map was the proposed division of Japan after their un-conditional surrendering after the atomic bombs were dropped. … Continue reading

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These Americans are Dumb, Thoughtless and Ignorant… 這些美國人是愚蠢,輕率和無知的…

Unbelievable.  People with out compassion are pretty worthless in my books.  When I was growing up in Taiwan I heard a lot of bad things about Japanese people for what they’ve done in WW2.  In USA, they make huge deals … Continue reading

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