Eve Ai – A talented singer song writer out of Taiwan

Written by Frank M. Lin June 7th, 2019 @ Taipei, Taiwan – I haven’t followed Taiwan Music for many years.  Every once in a few years I randomly browse YouTube for music.  I have never heard of Eve Ai until today.

In the last 2 months or so I’ve been jamming to a song she wrote for another singer which is this one:





Eve Ai wrote the melody.  This is the best duet song out of Taiwan in many years in my opinion.  Super catchy and rivals any western produced pop songs.  I had some times to kill today and was browsing about Eve Ai – 艾怡良…  Wikipedia says this about her:

Eve Ai Yi-liang (Chinese艾怡良pinyinÀi Yíliáng; born 24 March 1987) is a Taiwanese singer-songwriter.[1][2] Ai was crowned the winner of Super Idol 5 in 2010.

In 2017, she won Best Mandarin Female Singer at the 28th Golden Melody Awards.[3]

Eve Ai
Born 24 March 1987 (age 32)

Alma mater National Taiwan University of Arts
  • Singer
  • songwriter
Years active 2010–present
Agent Tian Di He Entertainment
Musical career
  • Vocals
Labels EMI

Although she is critically acclaimed and is supremely talented she has yet to found huge commercial success which is such a shame.  But I bet she has a steady group of hardcore fans…







This song Forever Young is off her latest album release in 2018.  She wrote the song as well as the lyrics.  Her music style is fairly unique.  Takes couple of listening to get into this song but WOW.  Check out the lyrics and the unusual melody.  This is a song that I don’t mind putting on repeat.

詞/曲:艾怡良 編曲:羅恩妮

像孩子那樣 哭著鬧著
活得 高亢 低落 高亢 低落
有個沙漏 在心中盪呀
不願 得過 且過 可無 可有
不是命運 這是我最深愛的
時間啊 來吧
沒有明天般揮霍著 找到你
時間啊 走吧
Forever young forever young
學著遙望 手卻不會放
我多驕傲 這是我的骨架 我的內臟
對嗎? 你深愛著那樣的我 對嗎
遇到每個女孩 我都會告訴她
Forever young
Forever young
小嬰兒那樣 哭著鬧著
為 愛情 合掌 因為 妳會
垂直活著 水平留戀著
我一橫一豎 描上過程
我一刀一剪 摺成了永恆
我 不知 不覺 不知 不覺
畫我的模樣 成你的模樣 oh
時間啊 來吧
擁有一切 都還渴望 還尋著






I like this song.  Very little play so far, sub 500k times.  The song has lots of feelings.  ^_^


Interesting song with a western feel.




2014 song.  Chinese version cover of Jessica Mauboy (Australia)’s same titled song Never Be The Same.  The Chinese lyrics is expertly written, very meaningful and works well, I really like it.  Too bad neither version gets much play.  Also check out Jessica’s original version.



Damn this is good stuff!!

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