VOTD: Kick ass Table Tennis Robot, 5G explained, worrisome 5G tech as weapon, GSW vs. HOU

Written by Frank M. Lin 05/02/2019 3:36 pm @ Miao-Li, Taiwan

Excellent demonstration of AI and robotics.

Excellent information about how 5G works…  my favorite is beam forming but apparently that’s old military tech that’s been around for a while.

I’m having such a mix feelings about 5G.  Currently, at max 4G LTE speed it is already super capable.  Personally I’ve gotten 220 Mbps which is really good and satisfies a lot of use already.  5G while offering fantastic theoretical speeds, also has a very dark side.  It can potentially be weaponized.  It is not science fiction, but science facts.  Even if they have built in safety features there is always the possibility of getting hacked.  It seems like everyone is in hurry to roll out 5G at the moment to be “first to market”.  I feel a lot more testing needs to be done.  On a lighter note lets enjoy game 1 and game 2 of Western Conference semi-final between Gold State Warriors and Houston Rockets.

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