My first Bikram Yoga 30 day challenge, June 2017

Written by Frank M. Lin 6/10/2017 8:48 am @ Fremont, California – Although I have started at Bikram Yoga back in 2005…  I have never tried to do a 30 day challenge.  I have thought about it but never made the actual commitment.  But the timing feels right and I will do my best to complete a 30 day challenge.  As always, the first week of coming back to Bikram is always the hardest…  but soon enough, usually after a week it is actually really pleasurable.  Just have to loosen up and stretch all the darn tendons I have neglected for months.  I will simply update this daily on how I feel.  Need to pick up a scale to track weight loss progress.  I should also note in the past 2 weeks I’ve been sleeping a lot, 8-10 hours a day.  Which is more like normal people but by my own standards that is a lot.  I’m greatly looking forward to returning to super efficient MPSS – Multiphase/Polyphase Sleep Sessions as soon as a week.

Day 1 6/9/2017 – It has been over 6 month since my last Bikram class.  My back has been sore in the last few days due to really poor sleeping postures from crashing inside the backseat of my car.  I endure the class no problem.  It was tough, but since my cardio is excellent from plenty of basketball in the past 2 month it wasn’t particularly challenging.  I was slightly weak mentally but that will go away within about a week.  I feel relatively stiff and this always happens when I take long offs between Bikram.  I simply don’t have the mental strength/discipline to do 90 minutes of Bikram Yoga solo at home.  It is also harder without the heat.  But ever since I experimented with marijuana and yoga I think I could probably do it under the influence as it helps with stretching so much.  I have picked up some more cookies and I will definitely try more.

Day 2 6/10/2017 – Back feels tight and sore.  Hamstring is very tight.  Side torso bends aka half moon pose is challenge.  Today it is the annoying instructor guy…  he likes to make useless (in my opinion) corrections and likes to use a fake husky voice.  I have always find him annoying.  I’m going to avoid his class for sure.  Another major drawback is he short charge the hold by a significant amount on the very important postures and I don’t feel like I get enough stretching.  By useless correction I’m talking about the details like putting your heel and toe together.  In grand scheme of yoga that is utter useless nonsense to insist on such details.  But of course, that is my own opinion after practicing for 12 years.  I mean, there are students with much more pressing issues the teacher should be focusing on.

Day 3 6/11/2017 – This is one of the toughest class I’ve had in a long time.  I was probably pushing myself a bit too hard.  I started 10 minutes before class and I was doing quite a bit of serious warm ups.  By the end of the standing series I felt exhausted mentally.  Physically I wasn’t too bad I only took break from half a posture and that was just to get water because I ran out.  Made minimal progress on flexibility…  I’m always so eager to get through this initial phase.  Sole of my feet is super tight and I find that in normal life it isn’t utilized at all in other times.  None in basketball.  None in daily routines.  Bikram Yoga has many subtle uses of the feet.  In one leg standing postures the feel has to grip the ground firmly.  In lot of postures the tendons in the feet gets a good stretch.  From human anatomy books and videos I learned that the tendons goes from end to the, from finger tips through the body all the way to the toes.  When you try to lengthen the body, it does a lot of subtle stretching _everywhere_.  Currently I have a lot of tightness due to not practiced for months…  this is the pay back time initially for the first week or two.  Then it will become a lot easier.

Day 4 6/12/2017 – I went to Scotts Valley last night to pick up some Lazy 8 Ginger Drop cannabis cookies help help with stretching.  This morning I took half a cookie and it worked like a charm.  Took like 45 minutes to kick in and I had planned to take the 9:30 am class but I forgot my small towel so I drove home to get it.  Knew I couldn’t make it back to class on time so I did my freestyle stretching at home instead.  Did a good hour worth and I developed some new methods of stretching.  It’s quite interesting I will need to experiment more and gather my thoughts on it.  I wanted to call it microstretching throughout the entire body.  More on this later as I figure out how to explain it better.  After over hour of freestyle stretch I felt kind of tired and rolled around the bed and took a long nap.  I’ve been sleeping a lot in the past 10 days.  Sleep quality is very low, never feel energized.  At 6 pm I watched the NBA Finals game 5 and I headed to the yoga studio almost 8 rpm for the 8:30 pm class.  The hour of stretch in the morning helped a lot as I got a bit deeper in many postures.  The hamstring is notably loosened up as well as my spine.  Half moon depth and backward depth improved a bit.  I was able to give a very strong effort without feeling too tired.  Definitely best session so far.

Day 5 6/13/2017 – Went to San Francisco to play couple hours of basketball at the Sunset Rec Center then stopped by my aunt’s house to pick up my belongings.  Went to Seacliff Bikram in Richmond district since they are an affiliated school to Fremont Bikram – we are allowed 5 passes a month to sister schools.  Boy do they turn up the heat this is way warmer than Fremont.  Also got a teacher who does extended holds so this was quite a challenging class.  I ate half a cannabis cookie 30 minutes before class but I didn’t really seem to felt it kick in at all.  Weird.  Going to try full cookie tomorrow instead – was trying to make the $85 30 cookie box last twice as long by eating halfs but it didn’t seem to be strong enough.

Day 6 6/14/2017 – What an odd day.  This was the most un-energetic day I have felt in years that I can recall.  Especially odd since returning to Bikram.  Perhaps it is a sign that I’ve been pushing a bit too hard?  I intended to do either the 4:30 or 6:30 pm class and took a cookie at 2:30 pm.  By 4 pm the cookie was in full effect and I had been doing freestyle stretching since 3 pm or so.  So I got more than an hour of deep stretching going.  But I didn’t feel energetic enough to go to a class and push the static stretching in Bikram poses.  Ended up lounging on the bed and just drifted off sleep.  Next thing you know I slept all through the night and even day break.  Still didn’t feel like going to the morning class either.

Day 7 6/15/2017 – Went for the 8:30 pm class after taking a cookie.  Freestyle microstretch for almost 2 hours throughout the day.  Teacher was Rupi, a lady I think it’s my first time in her class.  She is pretty solid.  Session was okay.  Someone walked out with my slippers though that feels annoying…

Day 8 6/18/2017 – I was feeling tired in last 2 days so decided to take breaks from Bikram and let my body recover.  Took a late 8:30 pm evening class.  This class felt much better I felt much stronger.  I guess the body knows the best.  I also haven’t eaten any cookies as I’ve felt kind of weird in the last few days.  I feel a bit disconnected.  It’s not brain fog or anything like that but the feeling of not connected to reality.  It isn’t crystal clear like normally.

Day 9 6/19/2017 – Signed up for City Sports Club which has a decent deal.  $15 initiation fee and then $38.99 for multi-club access monthly.  Only 2 month minimum required.  Now I can get back into 5×5 and lots of indoor basketball.  I played a good 3 hours yesterday.  But many games are frustrating because of the stupid people constantly shooting ill advised long 3’s trying to finish the game.  Lot of people at the Fremont City Sports Club have piss poor ball IQ and it is annoying AF.  I continue to shoot as super high percentages.  Easily 65+% and I consistently dish out assists as well.  I have a bit of greys now and lot of young people likes to call me OG now lol.  Not sure if I should laugh or cry…  getting old kinda sucks.  Also did a 5×5 bench press but was too tired to do anything else.  Also skipped yoga today although I really probably should have gone…  but I will try to balance yoga, weight training and basketball to try to efficiently gain strength and lose weight.  I do have a goal of dropping down to sub 160 lbs and have some real 6 pack abs for the first time in my life.  It’s good to have some goals to have a focus.

Day 10 6/21/2017 8:30 pm class

Day 11 6/23/2017 12 pm class



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