repost: Tupac’s Relationship With Machiavelli

Posted by Frank M. Lin 5/11/2017 7:39 am @ San Francisco, California – I’ve always enjoyed rap music and hip pop ever since being exposed to it in California after immigrating from Taiwan to USA in 1986. My first taste was of course Run DMC and LL Cool J. During my high school years Tupak became known and being typical me I hate on people who are loved by everyone initially. I always thought Tupak was great but his ego was too big for my taste. I never liked people who I perceived as not humble. I always resist to like them until later on when I truly appreciate their work. Tupak was one of them. I was being a hater for his success but I couldn’t deny the greatness of his work. I always thought the name Machiavelli sounds bad ass for some reason. Decades later now with the help of google I decided to find out what the name means and why Tupak calls himself that. The result is this blog which is pretty awesome so here I am reposting it.

Life Examinations

I was sitting in my room with my friends listening to my Ipod on shuffle. All of a sudden Tupac Shakur’s “Hail Mary” comes on the speakers. He opens “Makavelli in this? Killuminati/ All through your body/ it blows like a 12 gage shotty [shot gun]”. For years I have been a fan of Tupac and I knew that he called himself Makavelli during the later years of his life. I was also aware that this was a play off of the philosopher Machiavelli. Prior to Political Theory 101 I had never read any of Machiavelli’s works but knew that he was important in the political science arena. I attributed Shakur’s alias to the fact that while he was mostly associated with the “Thug Life”, he was also politically conscious. As I thought about it, that is not a good enough answer for me. So I did a little research…

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