VOTD: 90’s Le Mans cars, Hypercar track day, 720S, full wind tunnel test, swaybar tech, giant tree, The Matrix behind the scenes

Written by Frank M. Lin 4/26/2017 10:14 am @ Newport Beach – It’s been a productive day.  Got about 2 hours of sleep after watching Leon (aka The Professional here in USA).  Woke up around 6 am and noticed the awesome sunrise and took a quick snapshot on the iPhone 5S and then got the drone ready to fly.  Got another good flight.  Then I did a bit of yoga and freestyle stretching, then push up variations and mixed in with some ab workout.  I made a self commitment today of getting a 6 pack because I never had it before.  It will come with some discipline and I probably need to cut down on my sugar intake…  I definitely have a sweet tooth because if you follow my IG you will notice I’m eating candy all the times especially sour gummy candies.  LOL.  The goal is to have 6 pack by end of the year.  That still leave me more than 7 months so it should no problem.  Alrighty on to some of the videos I wanted today…


McLaren F1 GTR, McLaren F1 GTR LT, Ferrari F40 LM, Porsche GT1, heck even the Nascar Truck (a Toyota Tundra) sounds quite amazing…  epic sounds for sure.

HyperCar track day…  sweet.  Very nice variety.

I always find Shmee kind of annoying when he talks but then again, the production quality of his videos are excellent sometimes.  This is a good example.  Also he gets pretty freaking lucky and gets access to lot of hypercar PR events…  Anyway, I didn’t realize McLaren’s recently 720S is more revolutionary than evolutionary.  From the name I would’ve guessed it’s just another quick release and update but actually just about every aspect of the car has received significant update.  I think they should’ve gave it a better name than 720S.  Kind of a poor branding job in my opinion for such a major release.

I didn’t see this nice video about aero testing in a full fledged windtunnel until today.  Well done SpeedAcademy!!  $2000/hour for such high level windtunnel is actually super reasonable.

Been watching Engineering Explained channel for sometime.  His videos are excellent and frequently I always learn little random tidbits.  It’s pretty cool that he got a Honda S2000 few months ago so now his content is more Honda oriented.

This old tree is HUGE.  OMG WTF BBQ category for sure.  Well over 20 stories tall…  I’m thinking the energy around this tree should be pretty spectacular.  Yes, I’m a tree hugger.  🙂

The Matrix released in 1999 was a total ground breaking film.  I actually have not seen any of the behind the scene footages until today.  The set and production looks awesome.  Ever since getting into drone flying in Dec. 2016 I have thoughts about getting into editing and producing more legitimate youtube videos.  I was checking out a few editors and trying to figure out which one to learn…  and eventually someday that might lead to learning about filmmaking as I’m quite a film buff and critic.  I love good movies and I despise shitty Hollywood movies…  So maybe after I accomplish my more immediate goals I will try.  This is very low on my priority list though…



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