VOTD: DJI Ronin 2, model engine kits, Mandela effect, racecar aerodynamics, boxing rhythm…

Written by Frank M. Lin 4/24/2017 12:12 pm @ Newport Beach, California – Man DJI is doing nice work. Nice inspiring little mini film (to promote their latest product). Maybe someday I will step up the film ladder too.  I love me good films and I’m a bit of movie critic myself… maybe when I’m a lot older. Lots of to do list to cross off first before I head that way. LOL. I love life. DJI is smoking and dominating the drone market. It’s super impressive how far they have come in 10 years. I haven’t updated nor sent out a resume in over 10 years and I actually got off my butt and applied for an opening at DJI few weeks ago. That’s how much i like them.  Never heard back though, oh well. LOL. I’m still a big fan of them.


An inspiring short film.  I like it.

Technical information about the DJI Ronin 2.

These model engine kits are pretty cool.

Mandela effect is something I find extremely interesting.  I’ve been following it for probably close to a year now.  Some people are saying it has to do with CERN’s LHC project…  and now there are new youtube videos about it.  Check it out…  it’s pretty far out but not out of the realm of possibility.  We live in interesting times.  On a similar far out note, I’ve read the argument that we might be living in a huge computer simulation.  The more I read and study the more I feel that’s also a possibility.  I have formulated theories of my own to support the argument.  I will write about them in the future…

Nice informative video about racecar aerodynamics!

Good boxing technique analysis that applies to MMA as well.  Timing and rhythm.


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