VOTD: Yaris WRC Rd. 4, Super GT Rd. 1, WEC 6 hour @ Silverstone, Silverstone mistakes, Yuri Bezmenov

Written by Frank M. Lin 4/17/2017 7:02 am @ Arcadia, California – Last week I stayed with my friend JJ at his dope bachelor’s pad in Newport Beach.  Over the weekend I miss my cousin’s kids too much already so I decided to come back to Arcadia to play with them.  They are aged 12, 8, 6, 4 and and boy it’s crazy house at times.  They are great kids but always competitive and they fight over the silliest things.  The loudness and decibels and high pitch voice is too much to bear sometimes.  Luckily I’m the middle age uncle with infinite patience who is a kid a heart but also extremely smart and wise (if I may say so myself lol) I have no problem dealing with them.  I see right through them these silly rugrats are no match for me.  I’m just having great times with them.  They are all so adorable and cute in their own ways…  On to today’s VOTD.


Let us starts with a lovely video from Toyota Gazoo Racing.  Excellent video quality with good background music.  Good technical information about how and what the team is doing…  just overall all A+++ video.  Enjoy.  Gotta love how the Toyota CEO is out there to support the team!!

Next let’s check out Super GT in Japan it is Round 1 at Okayama International Circuit.  OMG WTF BBQ they already have LC500 Super GT race car!!!  It looks bad ass.  Me mucho like it.  I gotta say Toyota is VERY serious about their racing in 2017.  Between the WEC, Super GT, WRC, and their GT3 program that is a LOT going on.  Sure would be nice to get in and be part of their program (moi day dreaming, I can dream can’t I?)…

By comparison to the above two videos the WEC video is not as well done in my opinion.  I don’t like the music much, and the video is not super informative…

Nice compilation of driver errors and crashes…

Lastly we get a little serious and learns from Yuri Bezmenov.  He is a famous Russian defector and a anti-communist.  I learn of him earlier today when I was requested to answer a question about him and Taiwan in quora…  interesting guy.

Bonus video:

I have only just realize modern day F1’s braking performance is now up to amazing 6G of deacceleration!!  That boggles my mind a bit as my mind was still thinking braking performance was around 4G I guess that was about 15-20 years ago.  LOL.


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