fuck honda-tech (aka hater-tech)…

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Written by Frank M. Lin 4/11/2017 7:06 am @ Lower Newport Beach Bay, California – Spending few days here with JJ – my student from SpeedVentures @ Buttonwillow back in Jan. 2017.  We’ve been hanging out, swapping stories, learning and sharing our experiences.  It turns out we have quite a lot of things in common.  Like minds attract I suppose.  That is how the law of attraction works.  3 of my new friends from 2017 are all smart AF.  One graduated from MIT (Wolf), one works as a geneticist, one is basically a genius.  I’m impressed.  By association that makes me also a smarty pants geek.  But being the blacksheep means I barely graduated high school.  College ain’t a thing.  I never cared for school because I wasn’t inspired to do well there.  In retrospect I wish I had applied myself because I could’ve easily been a retired multi-millionaire like few of my friends are.  But it is not something I think about – I’m more than happy with my life I have nothing to complain about.  I love it.


honda-tech is a Honda community forum that was once the most active community for Honda and Acura enthusiasts.  I was a member pretty early on back in 2001.  I’ve made my fair share of contributions on technical information there.  You would think I’d get some respect there.  But nope the place has allowed many people to become moderators who has ZERO proper moderation skills.  They remove posts and modify user information without consent.  The act like middle high school hall monitors.  Just pure juvenile stuff.  The GDD (General Discussion and Debate) is suppose to be a pretty loose place for members to hangout and D & D subjects…  but nooooo mother fuckers interfere all the times when they see shits they don’t personally agree with.  That folks is censorship.  FUCK THEM PUSSY ASS BITCH MODERATORS THERE.  You know who you are.  Fucking assholes…  without them flexing moderator privileges they wouldn’t be shit because 1. they are either dumb or ignorant 2. they don’t have knowledge or skills to debate subjects.  That’s why the just censor things.   Most of them are loser mother fuckers anyways that’s why they waste time doing non-sense moderation.  I just laugh at their pathetic pitiful actions.  Sure it annoys me a bit that’s why I wrote this blog to bitch and moan but in truth, I’ve lost nothing by being moderated.  If anything I should probably thank them so I waste fewer time posting at that useless place.  Time to stay more focused.  It’s not like anybody generate sales leads from forums now days anyway.  Marketing has completely changed.


I was spending a little of my time in the GDD subforum since I started reading honda-tech again in the past few months.  But the fucking douchebag moderators makes the experience not worthwhile at all.  Basically several of them act like fucking nazi’s and delete and alter things to their will.  It is straight up censorship.  Fuck that shit.  The only reason these motherfuckers have is moderation privileges.  In real life they ain’t shit.  I call them pussy ass bitches for this reason.  Fuck GDD, fuck the mods.  They don’t want to hear anything about pizzagate and they delete anything they is different than their viewpoint.  This makes them extremely dangerous in my book.  They are the type of person that will eliminate the others voices/opinions which = nazi shit.  These are the same type of people who will kill you (when given the power)…

Well I don’t want to get into it too much.  But it’s the same shit for the last 15 years.  It’s not like honda-tech is a happening place anyway, only a small percentage of folks use it anymore.  I wanted to support it by using it but those dicks made me feel like it not worth my time at all.  So fuck it, they can have their little shit hole to themselves.  Fuck them.

Pretty much I’m in the mode to phase out all negative things in my life and to the people that don’t appreciate my  presence I’m perfectly happy to just leave and go.  You don’t want or need me and vice versa.


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