VOTD: Chinese & Taiwan Rap/Hip-pop lately…

Written By Frank M. Lin 3/13/2017 12:28 am – One of the best songs I’ve heard in the past year is High Brothers.  But thanks to youtube I’ve been listening to a lot of new artists and their efforts.  Lot of them have subtle originality and it’s awesome to see China and Taiwan having people working hard pumping out new tracks.  Hip-pop & rap certainly has worked its magic and made global influences…  there will be a day when the influences go full circle and Asia create new flavors and it comes back to USA.  Power of music!

I’ve been jamming to this song LOTS.  Everyone I’ve showed it to loves it in USA…  they should be blowing up in 2017 in my opinion.

First video I’ve ever seen of her.  This track is sick.  Dope beats and interesting way to drop…  I like it.

Interesting Chinese gansta rap lol lol.  Something different.

YZ and Young B are from Taiwan.  Can’t say I really like them but occasionally they have some interesting tracks.

CDC, another interesting track.

Wow the flow is crazy…

Hmm!  Interesting.

Very original style I think.  Dope dope dope.

Very good Chinese lyrics.  Again, original beats (I think)…

Nice video.  Who the hell are these guys?!  Apparently from Taiwan!!

Older track, youtube video released in 2013!!  Nice.

Another 2013 song.  Fresh!!  Damn I’ve been missing out!  Very interesting style.  Singing is a bit like metal rock…  screaming hard!  Check this out!  Amazing lyrics too.  Wowzers.  This song actually made me cry.  So amazing.

Nice talent show version by two girls.





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