VOTD: Malaysia war documentary,old China tomb, Idi Amin (man eater), child photo of evil people, 5 most bad ass people of all time

Written By Frank M. Lin 2/26/2017 2:52 am @ San Francisco, California – Thanks to the ranch property at Creston , California I have a need to get an agent to represent me.  Her name is Marissa and she is a rather proactive lady.  She introduced me to her boss Rick Geha and in our conversations to get to know one another Rick found out I am an avid bball player so he invited me to play at his 5 am gentleman’s league.  So now every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday I get to play at an indoor gym in Fremont, California!!

A documentary film from Malaysia about WW2, Communist China and the Malay people… very sad looking and looks interesting.  I love history.

In the 1990’s in China while digging for the high speed rail they found a old tomb that turns out to be very special…

Former Uganda President Idi Amin.  Crazy ass dude that ate a whole bunch of humans yep he’s a freaking cannibal.  He is best known for his brutal war crimes check out his profile at biography.com.  Apparently he killed over 300,000 people during his reign from 1971-1979.

Here is an English documentary about Amin.  Dude is nuts.

Hmm, I’m not sure why today’s VOTD ended up like this…  not a subject I like to deal with too much but for me it is a good reminder of the danger and evils of the world.  There is plenty of it.  Lot of work needs to be done to reduce the dark side stuff…  I’m part of the light for sure.  I’m here to do my good part…

I wanted to end the blog on a positive note.  My favorite out of the 5 is Mr. Shavarsh Karapetyan.  He’s freaking awesome I’ve heard his story before.  I thought I had written about him in my blog in the past?  Or maybe just shared it on my facebook…


Bonus video: Nice selection of videos lol. Animals attacking drones… some good China viral music talents and the last one with 3 dudes singing is funny AF. I wanna go check out the NorthEast China in the winter sometimes. It sounds like FUN!!


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