VOTD: Why Putin is awesome,crazy fight vid, BJJ girl vs. Judo dude demo, card trick, short Tijuana documentary

Written By Frank M. Lin 2/19/2017 4:24 am @ San Francisco, California

Few short video why I admire and love Putin.  He is super smart, intelligent (KGB after all), very honest and candid in the videos and actually shows a lot of care.  Way superior to any American Presidents we’ve had in the recent past…  Trump is the best we’ve got currently and our POTUS is kind of weak compare to Putin.  Donald needs to puts his egos aside a bit and really study and understand what being a President is.  It is a huge responsibility and POTUS literally can dictate the future.  Our foreign policy be it economic or military stance has huge impact _everywhere_. and Trump right now treads in dangerous waters.  Both Putin in Russia and XJP in China are no lightweights.  If I had to bet and choose between the three I would put Trump in a distant third.  Putin and XJP both have been in the political game for a long time.  This is all new to Trump…

The first four videos about Putin were recent.  Here is one from a little while ago, uploaded to youtube in 2008.  I just love how Putin carries himself.  Full of confidence and assertiveness both signs of strength.  He is the ultimate no bullshit type of dude.  Some say he is a dictator and I have no problems with that.  The public in general are dumb as fuck and in many cases I can see why dictatorship works.  As long as the dictator is caring, loving and overall benevolent I think it’s okay in my book.  But that’s just me…

I love mother Russia tee hee.  That is a freaking powerful dude, I don’t mess with Russian man…  they are generally pretty fucking badass.  I think extreme cold weather breeds badassness I mean they take the best shots from nature.  It just trains them in so many ways and the badassness gets pass down.

Good display of techniques.  Pretty awesome.

Not a bad trick but I’m not sure if it works as well in front of a live audience?!

Hmm, interesting short documentary about Tijuana, Mexico.  Tijuana is just across the border just below San Diego.  Back in the late 1980’s and perhaps early 1990’s my dad took us there once or twice.  I have very little memories of it.  Also NASA Pro-Racing used to have some kinda Tijuana racing event, may be called Tijuana Grand-Prix or something.  I never went with them to check it out.  Perhaps I should have…  a road trip through Mexico sounds kind of interesting.  Not sure if I would done it lonewolf style.  Probably way better with a friend or two.  Maybe a a road trip with Little Blackie my EG Civic Coupe in 2018.  Who knows…  gotta work on my company first.


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