Good News Everyone! I Don’t Give A Fuck

Written By Frank M. Lin 2/10/2017 5:49 am @ San Francisco, California – So about 20 minutes ago I saw my dad come online on skype and I ring him up.  The reason I was calling was because I saw on Taiwanese TV news that it has been very cold in Taiwan in the past few days, just 2 degrees celsius and 23 people died from it already.  I just wanted to say hello and to tell him to not be a cheap ass and turn on the heater to stay warm.

Just 30 seconds into the conversation before I got to tell him why I am really calling, he starts to bitch and moan about me already.  He raised his voice and started to complain and bitch about my actions.  I remained calm and tried to explain what I’ve been doing and why.  He doesn’t want to hear about it and hangs up on me.  I just laughed in my head and said out loud, fuck you too, asshole.  I’ve been trying to explain to my cousins and big auntie that it’s not that I don’t like to talk to my dad.  It’s because he doesn’t like to open up and have conversations.  It isn’t my fault at all there is lack of communications and understandings between my father and I.  My communication lines is completely open.  Any time he wants to know what I am up to, he can ask.  But he never does, nor does he try to understand me at all.  He has his perception of me from years ago.  But I have changed.  A great deal.  I’m not the same person I used to be.  I mean, fundamentally I’ve remain the same – what I mean by that is at the very core, my principles and values have never changed.  But my ways, have – I used to be lazy and lagging.  Not anymore.

He would call his little girl friend multiple times a day, talking about the most trivial things…  acting like a teenager basically.  But yet he won’t talk to me, his own son about anything serious?  Well, whatever dad.  I don’t give a fuck anymore.  I’m a grown man and I’m doing my own things.  I’m spending money that my dearest mom left me and there is nothing you can do or say to stop me.  I’m only using my share of money.  Not a penny more.  No one has a say in any of this, because it is my right…

Below is a post I made yesterday on facebook.  It sums up my feelings nicely.  🙂


my tolerance for BS and fakeness is at a all time low. it doesn’t matter who you are i simply don’t have time for it. and no, i won’t apologize for speaking the truth. truth hurts and stings, and most people can’t handle it… that’s why there’s all this fake and BS thing about being politically correct. well, i’m on the camp that despise being PC. i like to call it straight up. your feelings is hurt? well i don’t give a F. lol. i will tell you this… in the past 5 months i’ve learn a great deal about people around me. both friends and families. there was a lot of fakeness around, and true friendship also popped up. it’s become crystal clear to me what i mean to various people. and i’ve quite grateful for the experience. this will help me a great deal moving forward in 2017.

on a side note… believe it or not i’ve been getting reading from a internet gypsy psychic since around Nov. 2016. she’s been surprisingly accurate that my jaws have dropped on several occasions. she actually predict some of this… she’s not even that expensive ($59) so, i’ve been just approaching it with a open mind. i will tell you this. the world is crazy and literally nothing can surprise me or faze me anymore. you can tell me the craziest story and i will probably believe you. lol. i have plenty of awesome hard-to-believe tales myself… and i’m about crazy as they come. 😛 ;


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