VOTD: Two Great Americans – Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson

Written By Frank M. Lin 2/9/2017 6:05 am @ San Francisco, California – Today’s VOTD is purely educational and should expand your knowledge and horizon a bit.  These three videos are fantastically well done.  Very concise and packed with information.  I highly recommended it.  I will not distract you with any other bonus videos.  Please watch all three and enjoy.  Have a nice day.

Lol I’ve refused to pay my taxes in the past as well but not for reasons as noble or as righteous as Mr. Thoreau.  Check out Mr. Henry David Thoreau’s tiny wood cabin!!  Tiny home are all the rage now days…  This video is full of wisdom from Thoreau.  Civic Disobedience is written by Thoreau!  Now I must read it.

Wow, I didn’t learn much about Thoreau until today.  He is freaking cool as hell!!  I’m a new fan now.

Mr. Ralph Waldo Emerson seems like such a nice fellow too.  Boy I wish I could’ve met them it would be swell to have a conversation with them!!  Ralph Emerson is another important American figure that more people should know about.  I learned a lot including what a Pantheist is.


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