VOTD: father/daughter dance, passenger asleep, ferrocell, 5 awesome inventions, BMW M6 Gran Coupe + bonus vids

Written By Frank M. Lin 2/6/2017 5:31 am @ Golden Gate Park, California

Such a hip dad.  He’s gotta be a wonderful dad to his daughter.  He’s got some moves.  I see a segment of Bollywood sequence.  ha ha.

This is some funny ish.  lol. he is really out of shape.

Hmm rather interesting little device…

5 awesome inventions.  The first one is fire warning system for slums or other high density area with strong fire hazard.  It can save a lot of lives!!  I love this type of applied technology that will better the world…  the last one personal-copter is pretty crazy.  Does it have safety features built in like auto hover?!?!  Crazy.

omg wtf!!  I always thought 6 series were coupe’s only.  I didn’t know they made the 4 door version few years ago.  This is pretty bad ass.  Super long wheelbase, at 4500 lbs weight it actually seems relatively light for such a large car.  Since becoming a BMW owner few weeks ago I’ve been noticing lot of BMW now.  Their modern fleet is very impressive.  I love it.

Bonus videos:

Wow, some strong ass people here.  Very inspiring.

Susette Kelo is a warrior! I love her spirit. She fought for what she believe in. She is amazing. ❤ Thanks for bringing this story to film

Lol these peeps are high AF.  LMAO.


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