Scientists found out why clever people find it difficult to fall in love 研究證明:智商高的人很難談一場戀愛!中肯的「4點分析」,讓所有單身的人看完點頭如搗蒜!

Written By Frank M. Lin 2/6/2017 2:10 am @ Golden Gate Park, California – Well, I’m pretty freakin clever and smart, if I may say so myself.  lol.  Only one girlfriend in my life (so far).  I was left heartbroken and it took almost 5 years to get over her finally in 2006.  I’ve been single for 15 years now.  I’m picky AF with extremely high standards…  I’ve just been slowly working on myself with continuous self improvements… even if it’s at crawling speed at times.  I am a hopeless romantic, I stop and smell the flowers and I smile at the little miracles of the universe.  I watch the sunrise and sunsets.  I play with random strangers kids, dogs, cats all the times.  I don’t mind the lonewolf life but I would love for the soul mate to be here with me…  maybe some day soon.

Research report shows that people high IQ have harder time to fall in love…  the reason are as follows:

  1. People with high IQ are good with analysis and often from tiny clues of behavior or actions they can determine if someone is worth taking the relationship to the next level.  Since these analysis are usually spot on, at often cause the person to hold back and the won’t open their heart to give love a chance.  They frequently give up on potential relationship due to some small observations.
  2. People with high IQ are too good at protection themselves.  Their brain is always working, always analysing and assess the situation.  They think so much that they are afraid to open their heart in a new relationship for the fear of being hurt again.  The protective mode of the brain kicks in and it is often difficult for the person to let their guards down…  it is almost just pure reflex.
  3. When people with high IQ gain experience from past relationships they will modify their behavior and/or actions accordingly and they will avoid making the same mistake twice.  But the drawback is they often can’t let the past go, because it hurt so much once before, they really don’t want to be hurt again.  They sometimes are too careful, but only they know this fact themselves.
  4. People with high IQ feel being single is a choice.  Instead of forcing themselves to be with someone they are not fully compatible with high IQ people feel it’s far better to be alone.  It’s not that nobody likes them or want to be with them.  If is often high IQ people’s choice.  They rather not waste their time in sub-quality relationships.

In conclusion, high IQ people when they decide to love, they go all out.  Perhaps they are just waiting for the ideal someone, or perhaps they feel like there is a lot more to life than being in love.  There are so many things in life to experience and learn from.  Lot of single people are NOT “leftovers”.  They are single by choice and refuse to compromise.

The above I paraphrased from the Chinese translation below…  Here is also a direct link to the original Brightside article.




「你條件這麼好怎麼還單身?」、「你是不是太挑了,將就一下吧!」、「他很好 啊,為什麼不試試看?」這些是單身的人最常聽到的一些話。 傳統社會的價值觀,總是會認為每個人到「一定的年紀」以前就該找到生命中的另一 半,否則就是單身的人自己的問題。但是自己都還沒準備好,就為了旁人的眼光匆匆 步入人生的下一個階段,這樣真的好嗎?

根據brightside報導,有科學家研究發現,其實單身的人不是沒人愛、沒人追(或倒 追),一切只是因為「智商高」! 國外心理學家研究發現,智商高的人其實很難愛上一個人,有下列4點原因,趕快一 起來看看吧~

1.智商高的人善於分析和判斷 他們會反射性觀察「可能的人」,靠著微不足道的行為或小動作就能判斷出這個人是 否值得一起「走向未來」。由於這類的判斷一向準確,也將自己綁死在這個區域走不 出去,無法放開心胸愛一個人。也容易因為觀察到一個小缺陷,開始退縮,遲遲無法 踏出那一步。

2.智商高的人太善於保護自己 高智商的人頭腦是無時無刻都在運作的,他們會想很多,擔心在一段感情中會受到傷 害,為了保護自己非常難敞開心房接受一個人。其實自己也不願意,但是就是控制不 了反射性保護的行為。

3.智商高的人會吸取經驗 智商高的人在經歷一次感情失敗以後,就會努力做出改變,避免下次談戀愛時相同情 形再發生。只不過缺點就在於很難「放下過去」,因為太痛了,就不願自己的心再受 一次傷害。過於小心翼翼,卻沒人看的出來。

4.智商高的人認為單身是一種選擇 與其勉強自己和不喜歡的人在一起,智商高的人認為不如自己一個人要快活得多。並 非沒人要或者沒人喜歡,只是他們認為這是自己的選擇,總比浪費自己的時間要好上 許多。

其實智商高的人一旦付出真愛,也是很刻骨銘心的呢! 或許只是在等對人、或許認為要學習的事情還有很多,只是單身從來不是被挑剩的 人,只是我們自己的一個選擇啊!


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