VOTD: Evolution of the Desk, A flat-4 RC engine!


Written By Frank M. Lin 1/17/2017 3:28 am @ Walnut Creek, California – Thanks to my friend Bitty Ferrari (a awesome designer) who posted a animated .gif of this video.  I went and found the youtube video:

Damn, I was there from pretty much the beginning.  I was 7 years old in 1980…  This evolution is amazing to witness and I’ve seen all the important stages.  And we’ve been progressing at a constant but compounding pace.  How fast and powerful the mobile phones got in the last 5 years is insane.  I can’t wait to see how that next 5 will be like.  Technology revolution is marvelous and will do wonders for world peace and education.  I have extremely high and positive hopes for humanity.  We are progressing/trending in a good way in my opinion.  Lot of people talk about spiritual awakening and while that is true, the simple fact that the poor and developing nations are able to start enjoying technology is what will accelerate human progress truly.  All of that really has to be credit to the Chinese.  Why?  Because all the affordable products that gets pumped out of China.  Quality varied in the past but thanks to capitalism, the companies that produced crap will get weed out over time.  Shitty products do not get re-orders and eventually they run out of sucker clients.  So over time, China’s quality steadily improved.  Currently they are at a point where they are making really high quality products for fair or what I even call cheap prices by Western (well, first world countries) standards.  The China sleeping giant has fully awoken and we’re only seeing the beginning of this.  China went from the #1 world leader from the middle of the Ching Dynasty to near rock bottom at the end of WW2.  But it has only taken about 60 years for the dragon to recover and now we will once again rise to the top.  I’m very proud to carry the Chinese blood line, the “yellow” line.  More on this later.  I will be helping my teacher out in spreading the way of the tao/dao and our ancient teachings (over 5000 years old).  Stay tuned.

This is really neat!!


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