repost: LEGO vows no more plastic in near future!!

Written By Frank M. Lin 1/11/2017 11:54 pm @ Union City, California – When I was a little elementary school boy in Taiwan, my family was still struggling.  We were not quite middle class yet both of my parents worked very hard.  As a child I had very few toys but I did receive a few LEGO pieces when I was young.  I was quite creative and often made many different types of airplanes of my own design.  It was countless hours of fun.  What I made wasn’t really airplanes but more like space ships and the TIE Fighter and X-Wing from Star Wars.  But at that age I preferred Battlestar Galactica over Star Wars.  So I really liked the Battlestar Galactica Revell Colonial Viper MK. II…  Naturally I wasn’t given the actual LEGO sets for these awesome machines but rather I had to use my imagination to build them.  Anyway, huge props to LEGO for taking the initiative and invest in the future!  Notice the original announcement was made in 2015.  But I just learn about it today…

The LEGO Group establishes LEGO Sustainable Materials Centre and expects to recruit more than 100 employees in a significant step up on the 2030 ambition of finding and implementing sustainable alternatives to current materials.

Source: LEGO Group to invest 1 Billion DKK boosting search for sustainable materials – News Room – About Us


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