VOTD: Les Twins in SF, Chinamen + trap rap, Run the Jewels, misc music vids, 997 GT2 hill climb, Skoda WRC hill climb

Written By Frank M. Lin 12/30/2016 2:51 am @ San Francisco, California – First I was chatting with my niece Phoebe about music.  Then I was showing her few of my favorite choreographed dance videos, then we were talking about Les Twins.  Check out this recent battle in SF.  Kida the Great is a new dude I’ve never seen before, he’s only 14 years old!  Crazy good.  Check this out:

O_O Holy crap!! This China rapper got some pretty sick flow. Wow, didn’t think Chinese could work well with this trap style. Check this shit out yo. I’m getting brainwashed by this beat!!

Shit lol.  When I’m in Taiwan, I’m in 7-11 everyday.  Multiple times a day lol, they be taking all my money ha ha.

Interesting video, saw it in honda-tech’s GDD music thread.

Another interesting one from GDD thread.

Not too sure about the music but this video is fun to watch.

I kinda like how they mount the rear wing extra-rear-wards.  (is that a word?  lol).  I assume it will be more efficient since air should be cleaner back there…  actually I have long wondered about the ideal placement of rear wing.  Some choose to mount it really high up.  Almost above the roof line.  This particular 997 GT2 mount it below roofline height but is very far behind the rear bumper.  I need to ask John M. about the effectiveness…

I love this WRC style driving.  It seem to work well for dry tarmac attack.



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