VOTD: Obama, DNC, & Clinton sucks, Trump & GOP FTW!!

Written By Frank M. Lin 12/28/2016 4:11 am @ San Francisco, California – Obama, Clinton are some sorry ass crybaby ass-sore losers.  Fuck Obama, Fuck evil-ass Clinton.  I’m so glad I don’t have to see their donkey asses anymore for long time.  🙂  I was NOT a Trump believer/supporter at all during the initial phase.  I was party neutral not really trusting neither DNC nor GOP.  In the past I liked Ron Paul a great deal, for example.  My votes would have been for Bernie Sanders, but he turn out to be rather weak…  but he totally got played by evil-ass Clinton.

lol, I’ll go on record as saying I’ve never ever liked Obama since before he was president. there’s a section/category in my blog dedicated to how shitty he was/is. ha ha. Obama is fucking stupid when he was talking shit about how he thinks Russia “manipulated” the US election results. that’s a cracking spoking statement, and also, totally hypocritical. UCLA political science scholar Dov Levin has a dissertation on how the USA has been involved with no less than 81 country’s elections in the past since ww2. i’ll make a blog about that soon (if I don’t get distracted by million other stuff lol)…

I became a Trump fan on the very LAST day of the election actually.  I predicted he would win and I won two bets against friends on facebook.  Trump is a very smart and successful guy.  I’m only begin to see his genius in the last few weeks.  I truly believe he is capable of making America great again.  We shall watch and see.  I will try to be fair and judge Trump fairly.  But I will not hesitate to criticise him if I think he is wrong on issues.  Let a new era begin!!  I

That’s right, fuck you Obama.  You are totally to blame for Syria.  The current situation in Syria started in 2011 after arab springs.  Everything the US has done in Syria has been approved by Obama.  He is indeed a war criminal.

I didn’t like GWB when he was in office.  I’ve become a fan of him _after_ he stopped being President.  I’ve been impressed with the good things he has been trying to do after retiring from the oval office.  He is also very sincere and he is much smarter than I thought he was/is.  He just wasn’t very articulate when he was in office and became the laughing stock of millions.  What I like about him is that he is very sincere and he honestly believe he was doing the right things.  This is way better than fake-ass Clinton’s who will lie and say anything the general public wants to hear…

I have no clue who is Trey Gowdy but this is a damn good video.  Everything Trey speaks of are the good things of USA that I believe.  I think I am turning into a Republican!!  In my younger years I couldn’t tell the difference between Republican vs. DNC.  How it is become clear to me.  Now I am a new Trey Gowdy fan.  Bravo Mr. Gowdy.  Great speech.

Very interesting one.  🙂  Makes me go hmm…  Bill is obviously very intelligent.  But I don’t know much about him really.  Can anyone tell me if he is party neutral or he seems to be a DNC fan to me solely based on this video…

ROF LOL.  No wonder Trump sued Bill Maher.  This shit was pretty funny though ha ha.  this is some funny ass shits lol. obviously bill was joking ha ha. but Trump totally trolled him back. this is fucking awesome.  Maher was dumb to joke about the $5 mil offer.  I think he should pay up.  I’m sure he can afford this $5 mil joke, and besides it is going to charity.

Look at all these fools lol.  Trump won.


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