VOTD: Exciting 2017 movies, Ivanka Trump, weird swedish sisters, F1 Turbo tech, weird creatures.

Written By Frank M. Lin 12/25/2016 4:54 am @ San Francisco, California

Wow now I’m getting excited for movies in 2017.  Looks very promising and fun.  I am super picky about movies…  I have ultra high standards and if you going to take my hard earned money at the theater you better make it worthwhile especially when it burns my valuable time.

Possibly the best combination of beauty, brain, and success as a First Daughter.  I am very impressed with her.  Too bad she is married with 3 children already.  Lol.

O_O you can’t make this stuff up!!!  Unreal.  One key thing to take away is how WELL TRAINED the officers are compared to the bullshit American Police officers.  It’s sad and disgusting how poorly significant percentages of USA Police behave.  They escalate and often use excessive force WAY TOO OFTEN.  American Police have become gestapo’s.

Awesome Formula 1 technology…


I’ve heard that the Smithsonian have locked away all sorts of things that the general public does not get to see.  Some of this stuff gets totally weird and bizarre.  Well I don’t know what to believe anymore…  lol.  But I try to keep an open mind.  🙂


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