Living Saints – Sudha Varghese in India

Written By Frank M. Lin 12/26/2016 9:14 am @ San Francisco, California – I  this amazing compassionate woman. Much respect. I salute you. Remember her name Sudha Varghese. You bible believers should respect her because she does the things that Jesus was said to once have done. Most people would turn and look away and the sight of these low class people. But they are beings just like you and I. Just unfortunately born into extreme poverty. Do I believe in reincarnation? Honestly I am not sure. I always found it hard to accept why such a difference in fortune for people. I have been _extremely_ lucky to born in my family…


Sudha Varghese- Women’s Champion In India

There are many unsung heroes among us. Their life may not me glamorous to make it to nightly news nor flashy enough to compete Kardashians. But there are those make a difference from the determination within them. Sometimes, we need to be exposed to those who radiate inspiration. It is these people who show us essence of humanity, which we seem to forget during the course of our routine life.

Sudha Varghese, lawyer by profession, has been living and working in Bihar for three decades now. Sudha Varghese is also known as Sister Sudha, is a social worker and Catholic nun who has devoted herself to the Scheduled Castes and who are considered the “untouchables”.
Her life story intersects with many women of lower castes living in the fringes of their villages. She has been helping the women to stand up against caste and gender atrocities and create livelihood options for those who are both ill-educated and landless.

In 1987, Varghese, along with her team, established Nari Gunjan to help women from marginalized communities become aware of and access their rights. Varghese and her team have helped to create and facilitate self-help groups called Mahila Dastak and Yuva Dastak, which bring women, children and youth together to be able to support each other. Nari Gunjan teachers run a parallel school for children who are enrolled in the government-run schools in villages, to ensure that they remain at pace with the curriculum.

In 2006, Varghese was awarded the Padma Shri Award to honor her work. Sudha Varghese, also known as Sister Sudha, is a social worker and Catholic nun in India who has devoted herself to the Musahar, the Dalit of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, one of the Scheduled Castes and who are considered the “untouchables”.


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