banned for 2nd time at for…?!?!

Written by Frank M. Lin 12/14/2016 1:48 pm @ San Francisco, California

So, last couple days I went on to discuss my new wheel project…

14×8 a new cast wheel with flow formed barrel in the works…

The idiots trolls and wants to start shit right away.  But whatever, I entertain their silly and useless comments.  I have all the time in the world because I sleep, well, less than 1.5 hours a day.  I’ve done so for over 60 days now.  How is it even possible you asked?  It’s call yoga and meditation.  I’ve reached a fairly decent level and thus I can shorten my body’s recovery time into extremely intense short sleep sessions.  There is no magic, no drugs or anything like that.  I don’t even take any multi-vitamins.  This is possible through years of training and progress.  My first Bikram Yoga was way back in 2005 so now I have 11 years of experience under my belt.

Anyhooooo, this time around, it is RacerBowie who decides that he’s had enough and banned me.  But what for?  I tried to write to him on his web site’s email with:

subject: meh, that was super lame.

so, ppl can troll me and talk shit.  when i talk back, i’m the dick?  such hypocrisy and double standards.

clearly there are tons of ppl on rrax who have thin skin and lose their temper.  like i said to you donkies i’m enlightened and i’m just messing with your minds.  clearly i have won, yet again in round two.  all i do is win.

for those of you that are interested in the development of this cast flow form wheel project, i guess i will continue the discussion on rrax on honda-tech…  otherwise, feel free to look around my blog consider subscribing.  i have lot of blogs and videos planned for 2017.  if anything, you can enjoy watching me burninate the peasants all over the world.

as for people waiting for me to implode, sorry fellas don’t bet on it.  it will never happen.  we can make a wager on this if you’d like.  you will lose.  i had some hope of hearing constructive criticism from the above thread but looking through it, there was very little useful feedback.  i think i might have over estimated the intelligence level of  the emotional quotients of that place is certainly, very weak to say the least…  but that comes as no surprise to me.


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One Response to banned for 2nd time at for…?!?!

  1. I would so rock a 14″ wheel on my next 4×100 build.

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