VOTD: Poor baby girls… my heart is broken on the last one.

Updated 12/3/2016 5:44 am – After a bit more research it looks Safyre is being cared for by a great loving family.  Time will heal her wounds.  I also added 3 positive news articles about her at the bottom.

Written by Frank M. Lin 12/2/2016 4:39 am @ Union City, California – Okay this is probably the saddest blog entry I have ever written.  So, I was just randomly browsing on internet/fb/youtube and somehow came across the first video and I was a bit disturbed by its content.  It is about an eight years old girl writing a letter to her father before she passed away.  It seems to be about an alcoholic father who would tragically killed the daughter when he was intoxicated.  I’m pretty sure it is based on a true story.

Then through the youtube’s automated recommended lists I saw the 2nd sad video.  That is also a sad story.  But that is not all, the worst video I have seen in quite sometime is suggested to me.  I’m not regretting watching it but I kid you not, I was crying like a little girl and my heart hurt so much from feeling what the kid must feel like, not only the physical pain from being a burnt victim which is probably the most painful recovery a person can undertake and she is just a little 5 year old girl.  But she also lost her siblings and her dear dad who protected her by shielding her from the fire.  The pain was so hard to take, my heart has NEVER ache in such a painful way before.  Tt hurt a lot more than when my ex-girlfriend breaking my heart back in 2001.  Ha.

Anyways, this post is hard for me to say “enjoy these videos”, but since Thanksgiving was just few days ago, this VOTD blog entry is very appropriate.  I just want to remind my readers to count your blessings.  Being grateful and thankful is a important aspect of you receiving generosity from the universe.  By becoming mindful and thankful you will notice your life will start to change for the better.  Take my advice and watch amazing things unfold in your life.  🙂

I do have some good news to share about Safyre.  She has received millions of cards and lot of money donations.  Her life will still remain extremely challenging in the future but now she has help from the globe.

HELP Fatal Arson Survivor Safyre Terry and Family – donation closed, but over $433k was raised and will help Safyre with her medical needs.

Little girl who survived fire named ‘Miss Toys for Tots’ – “We have received 1.7 million letters and 25,000 packages for her so far,” Marion said. “That’s about 325-350 letters daily and 25 to 30 packages daily.”  She will probably never finish reading her xmas card from 2015.  lol.

8-Year-Old Burn Victim Who Lost Family in Fire Receives New Hand and Foot: ‘She Is On Cloud Nine’ – awesome to hear her operation went well.  She is slowly but surely improving daily.  That is good news.

Facebook fan page where her progress is shared.


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