New Moon in Sagittarius and The Triple 11:11:11 Portal on Nov 29th 2016

Written by Frank M. Lin 11/29/2016 8:34 am – Well well, it is actually my bday today and check out this astrology post shared by my friend Sunny Wang.

I haven’t said much but, things has been incredible for me in the past month.  I’ve actually had a psychic reading done for me recently.  I don’t normally do that as I don’t like to spend money and also I believe in full control of my own destiny.  However once in a long blue moon I will get a reading just to see what they have to say.  My mom also believe in the esoteric somewhat, but not fully.  In the past she had traditional fortune done for me by about 4 well respected Chinese ba-zhi readers.  Ba-zhi reading is based on your birth hour.  Surprisingly they all came to the same conclusion more or less…  One key theme was that I am a late bloomer.  Unlike lot of people who finds huge success in 20’s I won’t be really successful until I’m into my 40’s.  I am not successful yet but things are looking up.  I know I have said similar things in the past only to fizzle out however this time I have got it under my control now.  I am my own worst enemy, if I fail, only I am to blame.  But I have no fear anymore.  In the past 2 months I’ve been slowly organizing and cleaning up lot of little things in order for me to move forward.  I’m very satisfied with my progress.  It is steadily but surely.  I will slowly reveal what I’ve been working on.  Anyway, on to this astrology post.


New Moon in Sagittarius and The Triple 11:11:11 Portal on Nov 29th 2016

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Posted by newsununity, 11/27/2016

By Tania Gabrielle

A New Moon in expansive and happy Sagittarius is extra special this year since it happens on November 29, an amazing triple 11:11:11 Portal of new beginnings.

What an empowering day in the heavens this is!

The triad is the most dynamic shape in sacred geometry, so this 11:11:11 New Moon code carries a positive impact on your life, since Sagittarius governs expansion, opportunities and great expectations about the future.

Step through this powerful triple 11:11:11 portal into a glorious future.

Especially right now! The universe is preparing you to let bygones be bygones as we approach the powerful END of a nine-year cycle…

It’s a game-changing moment of limitless bounty and breakthroughs!

Trust that you can CHANGE ANYTHING in the blink of an eye.

And remember – Jupiter, ruling planet of Sagittarius, will EXPAND your life in any area of your choosing.

It goes without saying to keep your mood on the optimistic side, since this planet expands everything – including a negative mindset. In general, it’s a really good idea to be very clear about what you want MORE of!

Jupiter is so dynamic during this New Moon – lying opposite breakthrough planet Uranus as they both form a T-square to Pluto and Venus. Focus on your future and have FUN doing so – trust your intuitive insights – you are easily creating breakthroughs now.

Go ahead… challenge all your perceived ideas of how things should be.

You are entering a portal of completely new experiences – things you never imagined were possible before now!

Jupiter loves giving you MORE – more abundance, more love, greater health and more success, so use these next four weeks to focus on what you WANT to attract. You’ll be exploring your VISION of the future, dreaming BIG, getting clear how to experience ultimate FREEDOM.

Look especially at beliefs you are carrying about your ability to manifest a beautiful, abundant life.

What do you believe? Align your beliefs with profound generosity of love, with fun and happiness, with an expectation and gratitude for abundance.

Anything that fulfills your soul is your 1111:11 Gateway to Greatness.

Proceed confidently and fearlessly… you have the universe on your side:

  • Sun and Moon are at 7° bridging dimensions and expanding your instincts, intuition, cognition and spiritual awareness.
  • 11:11:11 is an irresistible call-to-action – listen for guidance to help you move forward into your soul purpose which has NO limits!
  • New Moon in Sagittarius creates a harmonious sextile to Jupiter(ruler of Sagittarius) inviting opportunities, lucky breaks, fortunate experiences – expect them!

A couple of guidelines:

  1. Neptune forms a tense “square” to the Sun and Moon. Differentiate illusion from inspiration – make your inspired dreams come true. This is a strong invitation to welcome your intuition into your decision making process. Make an agreement Now to trust and surrender.
  2. Jupiter likes to say YES to every opportunity, so make sure you don’t over-commit and stretch yourself too thin, only to regret it later. It’s always better to over-deliver, not renege on promises that are not deliverable.

This 11:11:11 New Moon will invite you to see beyond your Earthly existence into Cosmic Consciousness…

You are now preparing for your Best Year EVER — 2017!

Each person has the ability to create their own unique Heaven on Earth.May the Joy of this Sagittarius New Moon activate your heart with an abundance of blessings!

In Gratitude and Love, Tania Gabrielle.

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