“You can’t beat me, I’ve got VTEC.” – 2016 SLB/GTA @ Buttonwillow

Written by Frank M. Lin on 11/13/2016 7:27 am @ Union City, California


Well I missed the first day of the event which was Nov. 10th.  I didn’t leave SF Bay until a little pass 3 pm due to my friend Edwin having to make sure his shop DNR/Edwin Performance would operate without him being present.  By the time we got down to Buttonwillow it was almost past 7 pm just in time for us to join the entire mob crew of Black April & Maximum Grip for dinner.

We had lots of fun bench racing and talk about lots of technical stuff.  These guys kind of know me from my past and I’m just getting back into the whole track whoring thing.  These kids (most of them are below 30, some under 20 even) are a bit silly at times.  They probably think I’m old and retired (from tracking) but little did they know I’m just getting warmed up and will be returning to full track whore status shortly.  Time to show these young grasshoppers what this OG can really do.  I’m about to let loose and burniate this entire fucking state yo.  LOL.  If you catch me on my facebook my profile pix is now Trogdor instead of the oil drop man.  Ha ha.

Anyway dinner was fun and I talked mad shit for a while.  Good times.  My favorite was discussing del Sol VTEC vs. NA/NB Miata.  All things being equal, which car would be faster at the track?  I said EG2 of course.  Handling, braking, weight are similar enough between the two.  But the biggest difference is POWER!  B16A is light years ahead of the 1.6 or even 1.8 liter engine in NA/NB.  I make 192 whp with few bolt on parts for crying out loud!  And I’m about to show you guys it can do 200 whp with few more tricks.  You can dump $10k into NA/NB and will not get anywhere near 190 whp and if you are remotely close to that kind of power your drivability would suck.  That is the power of VTEC!  Two cam lobe profile.  T was not happy that I was talking shit, he claims he got plenty of tricks up his sleeve.  He got some fancy welded cams made for the EP autox Miata.  Lobes so big it require cylinder head clearance.  I started to laugh and I said no matter what you do, “You can’t beat me, I’ve got VTEC”.  Muahahahah, that was the best line of the night.  I went on as to claim, before even stepping up to challenge the all mighty B16A (the best 1.6 engine in the world.  PERIOD) Miata engine would have to beat Toyota 4AGE first – top of the example probably the Formula Atlantic variant which is about 240 bhp.  Anyhoo I stand by my claims above.  Anybody that has any high powered NA/NB  all motor engine feel free to show me what you got.

Anyway after dinner we engaged in more bench racing until finally people started to pass out.  Next morning we get to the track, and I started to take photos.  All the photos shot on my two facebook albums are with either Apple iphone 4, or Samsung Galaxy S3.  Both old phones from like 5 years ago.  This is true to my ghetto racing philosophy – using something cheap but works.  Ahh all the $20 Pep Boys ceramic brake pads I used up back in the days.  BUT, I will tell you guys that part of my phase is done.  Here on forward my racing efforts will not be ghetto budget anymore.  I will still continue to watch my budget like a eagle but where it counts I will spend the necessary money to do things right.  This time around it’s Trogdor time, I’m going to burninate everything that gets in my way!  So watch out fools and step aside.


Check out my two gallery all shot on Friday, Nov. 11th, 2016.



Enjoy!!  I didn’t even do any post processing, just straight up dumped them from my cell phones.  So excuse some of the images but I think most came out pretty good considering how quickly I shot them.  I also had a slightly better Fujifilm that I shot with.  I’ll look through them and upload in the next few days.


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