VOTD: Water Has Memory, Telepathy, Structured Water & MORE WATER!

Updated 11/5/2016 4:59 am @ Atlanta, Georgia – As I edited up this blog entry, I saw many excellent water related videos being suggested by youtube.  I’m thinking, why suddenly am I seeing water, then it just clicked to me.  The past few days I’ve been posting about the Native Indian’s fight/protest against the Dakota Access Pipe Line.  And it is ALL ABOUT WATER!!  Holy smokes.  Here is my contribution to raise awareness on the importance of clean water to our one and only Earth.  Everyone of us NEED CLEAN WATER.  We already have enough oil there is no need to risk the water system at all.  Oil has done wonders for human evolution but the next phase which is electric revolution of e-bike and e-cars has already begin.  I’ve been telling my friends that I feel ICE (internal combustion engines) vehicles only has about 10 years life left before Electricity powered vehicles completely takes over.

Written by Frank M. Lin 11/5/2016 4:49 am @ Atlanta, Georgia – Okay, all three videos I decided to add to the blog are some what usual.  But, the nature of this blog already includes bizarreness  so, enjoy the show.  🙂

The biggest complain of this video seems to be lack of evidence on how the images were produced…  and that is a big concern.  However water really does have so many amazing qualities that is unique.  It is the essence of life and much much more!!

I love children, so pure and so full of potential…

Very cool video with many interesting facts about water!!

Bonus video: NASA footages!!

Wow, youtube is just such a gym.  The suggested video included this!


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