VOTD: Powerful CMA Practitioners

Written by Frank M. Lin on 11/2/2016 4:34 am @ Buckhead, Atlanta, Georgia – Okay I will keep this brief.  For a while I kind of sided with MMA fans who thought CMA is all show and no substance.  There are lot of fake CMA dudes out there.  But take a look at these clips and tell me what you think.  You do not want to be touched by these guys at all man, you will be seriously hurt…  My faith in CMA is restored.  I’ve created a new tag called “real cma”.  As I find good videos and articles I will start putting them under the new tag.  Enjoy.

Look at this guy above, powerful.  One stroke and the person on the receiving end will be either 1. knocked out, 2. heavy injury, 3. death.  That is the reality of fighting for life.  MMA is a sport, it will not allow this type of force.  Submissions?  Ha.  Just hope you’re not with in striking distance of someone as powerful as this.

How the hell.  O_O  I simply don’t understand what I’m seeing, but I know he is bad ass.

The real CMA guys that carries on the true knowledge isn’t doing it for money nor fame.  Check out the story of this guy there is English subtitles.  I’m so glad I was born Chinese and I’m deeply rooted in the culture and philosophy.  It’s once again the Chinese’s turn to shine in the 22nd century.

Qingcheng School’s current leader HE, Dao-Jun.  Called the “kung fu madman” by many, all he wants to do it is be the best CMA he can be.  He is pretty awesome, I hope to meet him one day.


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