Ultimate B16A Dream Build…

Written on 10/25/2016 7:10 am @ Union City, California – This project is something that brewed deep in my mind since many years ago.  It’s time to turn it into a reality.

The gallery above shows a B16A Powered Formula Atlantic race car.  Very trick pieces includes billet valve cover and dry sump oil pan that turns the engine block into stressed member.  This B16A which normally spins counter clockwise is now reversed to counterclockwise to work with the transmission.

Preface: B16A is no doubt my absolute favorite 1600 cc engine in the world. I want to honor it by building a version that utilizes everything I have learned over the past 20+ years. This may or may not lead to a few new products getting released but let us all brain storm together and dream. Shall we? I will try to keep it realistic of course.  The biggest decision is probably for this to be “ultimate street” build, or “ultimate race” build.

Ultimate street would probably be 12-12.5 to 1 CR, has 3 lobe VTEC so we can have smooth idle and massive wide power band to the redline.  I would need it to be able to run reliably on California 91 octane pump gas.

Cylinder Head: P72 casting with ENDYN magic, Larry’s preference still – no welding of chamber, better port entry angle vs. PR3
Cylinder Block: Honda B16A
Engine Crankshaft: Honda B16A 77.4 mm stroke
Bottom End Block Reinforcement: TBD
Wet or Dry Sump: TBD (probably depends on funds)
Piston: ENDYN (debating on 91 oct. so I can daily drive this, or all out high compression ~15:1?)
Rods: AKMEE titanium prototype (with goal of enter production)
Camshaft: AKMEE prototype (debating on 3 lobe VTEC for street-ability, or ultra light 2 lobe race cams aka VTEC Killer setup)
Valve springs: AKMEE new spec
Valve retainers: AKMEE titanium
Valves: TBD, likely titanium sourced by ENDYN
Rocker Arms: Honda OEM
Lost Motion Assembly: TBD
Induction: Kinsler ITB? or develop a new intake manifold…
Header & Exhaust: AKMEE prototype 4-2-1, 2.75″ or 3″ exhaust
Engine rpm range: 11,000 rpm all day (maybe 12,250 rpm?)
Ignition: Coil-On-Plug conversion
Guesstimate Race Ultimate w/ITB: max 140 ft-lbs torque on dynojet, 260 whp @ 10,250 rpm… may be more.  Street Ultimate: 91 oct. pump gas max 13-=ft-lbs on dynojet, 235 whp @ 9500 rpm.

Project Deadline: Before Sept. 2017

Although using Kinsler ITB seems like a no brainer, I’m leaning towards developing a new intake manifold. The logic being, if it works well I can sell it later.


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