The complete KSWAP Header story and its version history…

Updated 2/16/2016 10:49 pm @ Hayward, California – added order information for v4.0 header.

Updated 10/24/2016 8:41 am @ Union City, California – added a bunch of photos showing the v3 header.

Originally written by Frank M. Lin on Nov. 12th, 2015 in Taipei, Taiwan

HASPORT the originator of billet engine mounts for Honda’s created the engine mount kit to allow the more powerful K series engines to be swapped into the DC/EG chassis back in 2003.  By 2004 some folks I knew was among the early adopters of this new swap at the time and also development several parts to aid in quickly performing the swap.  Examples include plug & play wiring loom, fuel rail, fuel pressure regulator, fuel return line, bolt in shifter base…  etc.  One of the much needed piece was the swap header.  At the time I was working in Asia and assisted in setting up the production of these KSWAP headers.

People with keen eyes have noted that the 4-2-1 section appears similar to the Hytech B Series large tube header.  That is because to speed up development we took an existing big tube Hytech B header’s rear section and use it to mock up as the rear section of the K Swap header.  We made a header flange and crudely welded short pieces of tubes to simulate the primary piece.  It was made to “locate” the second piece and clear the mid-shaft and the rear engine mount.  We were able to correctly make a first article prototype that seemed to fit okay, but adjustments needed to be made for sure.  Then go-head was given to run a production without another a “second” article to confirm the correction is accurate…  that caused the first batch to have fitment issues that was a bit of a headache to correct but we  were able to make it work just fine, just extra work.  It involved some machining of the header flange.

Version 1.0 released around mid-late 2004 – a batch of 50 headers was made.  This first batch is easily identified by the fact that the header flange needed to be machined to correct the angle so that the second piece (4-2-1 section) is parallel with the chassis instead of hanging below slightly.  This happened because of the crude prototype piece received.

Version 2.0 release around end of 2005 – this version correctly fixes the angle but the collector flange is quite close to the tunnel on the passenger side.

Version 3.0 release around 2007 – this version has the 4-2-1 section angled towards the driver’s side locate the collector flange more inline with factory exhaust location.  Below an original v3 is shown.  This header has lived in a K20EG in the high humidity condition of Taiwan for about 8 years.  Plenty of top speed 6th gear redline abuse @ 160 mph and it has hold up fantastically.  Notice we welded a second o2 sensor bug for wideband gauge display.

There was about 4-5 year gap (2008-2013) where no new authentic KSWAP headers were available.  For some time a shady sales person sold identical headers to couple outfits namely XXXX and XXX.  Since they are from the same place, quality is obviously identical.  However there was also inferior knock off’s being made from China.  Both the quality of stainless and craftsmanship is considerably lower than the original.  Knockoffs including PLM and a few others.  China made ones are pretty easy to tell…

Then came 2014 we decided to update the header and make the original available once again.

Version 4.0 release in early 2014 – We (AKMEE Engineering) updated the v3 header and made a batch as well as titanium prototypes of both B series and K swap header – see the blog entry in 2014.  No doubt you will lately see another vendor now selling our design even in the titanium form.  Just know that AKMEE Engineering is the innovator.  Worry not we will have a very special new header kit coming out by the Summer quarter of 2017.  Something that should revolutionize the industry.  I will probably apply for design patents to protect the idea.

The difference from v3.0 and 4.0 is not huge.  The primary length is shortened by 2″ to improve the top end as the K series is known to have no shortage of low and mid-range.  The extra length is given to the secondaries.  Now there is extra o2 sensor bung, as well as the more durable updated beehive spring hooks.  If you would like to order your very own AKMEE KSWAP contact 510-342-9222 or email and we’ll get one out to you immediately.  You can also order from our dealer:

DNR Performance in Northern California.

JHPUSA in Southern California.

Velocity Shop in Florida (ask Freeman you would like to order this).

AKMEE Engineering direct line +1-510-342-9222 24×7 any time.


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2 Responses to The complete KSWAP Header story and its version history…

  1. Andy says:

    Hi sir, do you make header for jdm civic fd2r with k24 modified engine with high cam, 88mm 12.5 CR piston, CNC ported head, custom performance intake manifold using 70mm throttle body n tuned with Hondata Flashpro ?

    Thank you in advance.

    • GhettoRacer says:

      Sorry I didn’t see this until now. We have not made a header for FD2. But we could possibly… as we do have access to a JDM FD2 Type-R in Asian. But it would take sometime.

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