weird surreal dream about the EF Civic…

Written 11/25/2014 11:27 am – didn’t sleep until 6:15 am, woke up 11:28 am.  quality of sleep has been very bad lately (it’s been going on for months, since around July) as i struggle to find joy in life.  nothing seems the same anymore, things i used to enjoy and care about, things i used to love and be passionate about just don’t seem the same anymore.  especially after the loss of my mom earlier this year in April.  what i used to love?  pretty simple – cars, motor sports, basketball, yoga, hanging around friends and family.  i used to appreciate the simple pleasures in life however i feel a bit disillusioned lately.  anyways this post is about the dream itself.

the dream was a mixture of real facts from life and a bit of total fiction.  some real facts- was about a red EF my friend used to own, i sort of live in a house on th El Cerrito hills, in kind of a barn house, it was about tuning the 105 bhp SOHC engine, about how little hp the EF Civic had but it was a great handling little car.  in the dream it was weird, like the guy and his wife had a daughter, i can’t remember exactly how but in the dream the young girl is dead or missing and the guy blames his wife.

then he talks about how fast the Civic was but I was trying to explain to him no way his Civic was fast because all it had was a header.  funny thing was in this dream there a image of him popping the hood of his EF Civic and the image felt surreal as it was a stock EF Civic with only a DC Ceramic header installed.

however it had appear to be wire tucked.  then the dream continued on to a bit about I was explaining his Civic wasn’t fast like my del Sol which made 180 whp.  then the scene fades and now the images is looking at the EF Civic from the rear passenger side 45 degrees (drivers side on left).  we all know the Civic has split folding rear seats that makes it supremely useful as you can carry lot of things with it.  this time the owner seems to be some Japanese guy with his wife sharing how much passion his husband has for the little Civic.  for some reason she exclaimed “yeah my husband even got the special Korean market only front fold down seats that is rare”.  the front passenger seat somehow folds down parallel to the rear seat and provides a long flat storage area.

another scene was some kind of investigator asking me if i know some silver Accord with a swap.  i was like yeah, my cousin Benjamin he has the first Accord with a 100% legal swap it was the first of its kind.  in reality my cousin never owned a Honda and lives in Canada.

as i woke up from this random dream it ignited a bit of the old passion i used to have and made me feel slightly better about life so i decided to jot this down into my blog which i haven’t updated in months…


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