VOTD: various Adventure Time videos

Posted 7/4/2014 11:48pm @ Seatown, Dublin, Ireland – I still love watching cartoons I have always enjoy them since I was a kid. I have never outgrew them at all. Some of my happy worry free days was enjoying the afternoon cartoon with my little sister. She is 7 years younger than I am and we spent countless hours watching all kinds of cartoons.

I enjoy watching Adventure Time with my nephew and nieces. But it would be nice to see it from the beginning. The AT world is quite elaborate and I just love many of the characters.

Ice King sings a cool song…

The Chinese version is actually pretty awesome, it’s mostly in Mandarin with a little bit of Taiwanese mixed it.

Cute song Marceline sings to the Ice King.

A pretty cute cover of the Ohh Bubblegum song. 🙂

Funky song.



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