VOTD: octopus trick, deepstaria, Mg battery, e-bike tricks, cycling robot, Falklands Islands war, 鄭南榕 memorical

Posted 6/29/2014 3:35 pm @ La Courneuve, Paris, France – few more great videos that I’m booking marking VOTD style.

Sooooo trick.  Remember the thermoptics camouflage suit from Ghost In The Shell’s Major Motoko Kusanagi?  Nature does it better.  I ❤ nature.

Amazing mother nature.  In 2013 that weird creature found in deep oil rig is this creature according to the trusty marine biologists at Monterey Aquarium.  🙂

I saw this on Luke’s google+ and the presentation is excellent.  However Luke also cautioned that “Molten Mg can be held by just about nothing that can conduct electricity without undergoing very rapid corrosion. UNLESS! They dare to do a molten flourine based salt, and had some continous feed of sacrificial anode pellets or something that sinks in the Mg salt, conducts well, is cheap, has a oxidation product that is easy to transport out (like its so low density it floats on the molten Mg), and can serve as a stronger affinity anode to be continuously corroded as its operational. At least that’s my $0.02.”

Very cool video showing a dude riding a e-motorcycle doing tricks at an embassy.

Mini robot riding a bicycle is able to balance by himself.  How cute.  🙂

I have memories of this war from childhood UK vs. Argentina…  exposing my age ha ha, but whatever.  Now as an adult it’s interesting to learn more about the conflict.  The image of the vertical take off plane left a strong impression…

Mr. SHI De-Jian, probably my favorite monk from Shao-Lin Temple.  To my untrained eyes he has put a lot of work into his kung-fu and thus, has deep understanding and mastery of it.  I’m a big fan.


Although personally I am against Taiwan independence because it is unrealistic, I admire Mr. Zheng a great deal for his courage and love of Taiwan.  He is a do-er not just a mere say-er.  25 years ago in 1989 he set himself on fire to make a statement advocating for 100% freedom of speech in Taiwan.  For some 40+ years Taiwan was ruled under martial law and freedom of speech was not a given right.  Many people were imprisoned and murdered for their political beliefs. I have the utmost respect for people who are willing to die for them dreams especially when the dream is not for selfish reasons but for better of others.  That is true unselfishness.  Many others have sacrificed so much for Taiwan to enjoy its current freedom.  Lets not forget…


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