VOTD: .usa/.ca border facts, human trafficking, shock stem, first moon party!!

Posted 6/24/2014 9:20 am @ Palaiseau, Paris, France – As usual I’ve got a good selection of random videos that you guys might enjoy. I know I certainly laughed my ass off about the First Moon Party.

Fun facts about the border between Canada and USA!!  Silly.

Powerful, beautiful, tragic… nice poem. I’m not against prostitution by self choice but if it is against their will is pure evil. Human trafficking and slavery are worst or the worst in my book.

Cool story, the designer is a middle aged mechanical engineering guy, he had a mild stroke and hits mid-crisis a bit. He said to himself, I haven’t really contributed anything to society (all his past ME projects are weapons, missiles, optical radar… etc for the military).So he came up with a shock absorbing stem that will make cycle riding easier!! Pretty ingenious. A potential game changer check it out if you’re into cycling. I have a road bike and I know the numb feeling from the vibrations, this will help a bit I will order one to try.

OMG WTF did i just watch lol. oh well, it’s pretty funny though. addendum: Holy crap it’s a viral marketing video. Job well done I must say ha ha ha.

Girl’s first period is not an easy subject to get into for parents.  It’s nice to see the subjected gets treated in a light hearted way.  Well done.  Bravo.  I would like to see something like this for the more conservative Asia countries.  🙂

Bonus video: I posted this few days ago on my FB and this video has grew on my a lot. The English is fobby but the dancing is cute and easy to learn and the song is nice. I like it a lot. I’ve been jamming to it daily. ha ha ha.


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