VOTD: cute girl dancing, Sia’s live performance, Vincent Who?, WIRED tech video

Updated 7/6/2014 7:27 am @ Seatown, Dublin, Ireland – added more information to Sia and Maddie’s music video.

Posted 6/24/2014 12:24 pm @ Palaiseau, Paris, France – some of the videos i enjoyed today…

I saw Lina sharing a photo of a cute girl and then the video.  The music is quite nice I like it, but I’m even more impressed with the dancing of the little girl.  She is a pleasure to watch.  I can put this on repeat and watch it over and over again.

Ahh, I googled and found out the dancer is Maddie Ziegler!!  I’ve seen her before in few episodes of Dance Mom’s (yeah yeah it’s my dirty secret lol) which I enjoy the girls facing competition and challenges in learning to dance.  It has the crazy mom’s and Abbey her self can be quite the attitude queen too.

I watch video multiple times a day because I love the dancing by Maddie she is just adorable.  The video is also highly metaphoric and some say it is about he chaotic and violent struggles with the issue of alcoholism. Her dance moves represent stages of alcohol dependency from the first relentless high, to trying to continue day to day routines while struggling through it, to the eventual attempted suicide (the part with the curtains).  The story is told beautifully through Maddie’s dance.

Sia’s live performance of Breathe Me is impressive.

Asian-Americans should all know about Vincent Chen.  I have heard of his name in Chinese (陳果仁) before but his English name didn’t ring any bells.  He tied four years before I moved to USA…  I will dedicate a separate blog entry about him.  But all minorities should find his story interesting as true freedom loving Americans should not tolerate any hate crimes.

A well made video by the guys from WIRED magazine.  Lot of solid information on the state of energy and developing technologies…

Adventure Time is pretty popular in Taiwan.  Now days the translations are quite well done.  Jake and Finn speaking Chinese mandarin!  They chose to use a Cantonese Mandarin accent as Jack the magic dog’s voice.  It works I like it.

Adventure Time season 4 episode 25’s song “I Remember You” with Chinese lyrics…  not bad.


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