VTOD: Lioness – an beautifully shot documentary about Rwanda women

Posted 6/20/2014 4:29 am @ Palaiseau, Paris, France – Frederic is a documentary filmmaker that I met about 2 weeks ago during the layovers from Shanghai to Paris.  That was when I first learned about one of his projects recently released earlier this year.  Fred has made full length video available on youtube! Check out the cinematography. The stories are encouraging. Strength and honor as Maximus would say…

People who hurt women, children and other defenseless humans and animals are the lowest of low of human life form in my book and I do not wish for such kind of acts to happen to my worst enemy. But there is hope even for the victims. Mind over matter. You are still as beautiful as your mind and heart allows yourself to be…  Please take a look at his beautiful work.

Documentary description: 250,000 women were raped during the 1994 genocide of the Tutsis in Rwanda.  As a consequence, many of them became HIV positive an sometimes even pregnant.  Going beyond the numbers, the documentary Lioness follows the work of Rwandese activists who built a network to help those women to overcome their traumas and fight for their rights.  Between HIV, children born of rape, prostitution, and activism, Lioness breaks the silence of an untold story – the emancipation of the Rwandese women.

Lioness Movie Poster


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