VOTD: GR’s coverage of the 82nd annual 24 Hours of Le Mans 2014 part 1

Posted 6/19/2014 4:28 am @ Palaiseau, Paris, France – My first attendance at the incredibly historic and prestigious 24 Hours of Le Mans.  The is the top of the lader for sports car endurance racing and certainly the meca for it as well.  With its long history and motorsports culture this is one of my best motorsports experience ever!!  I will definitely be coming back for more in the future.  This is just part 1 I have few more related videos to upload later.  Leave some comments or feedbacks if you have enjoyed these videos.  Cheers.

Technical inspections aka Scrutineering are performed before & after the racing to ensure the cars are legal to the class rules.  In this case this was for pre-race inspection.  To get some clear shots of the cars I had to be about 30 meters away on stairs.  I got some decent videos of Audi LMP1, Ferrari 458, and Porsche 991 GT3RS waiting for their turn at the inspection.

Race fans were allowed to roam around and get pretty close to the action.  The fan favorite garages were packed with spectators and photographers…  it was great soaking in the atmosphere.  I had some shots of the Ferrari 458 GTE and also the Nissan Zero RC (full electric delta wing demo race car).  KCMG’s Oreca-Nissan LMP2 (finished 2nd in last years Asian Le Mans Series in class).  And several other cars I’m not super familiar with…  but enjoy anyway.  Lots of carbon fiber porn.  🙂  I spoke mostly in Mandarin because I was showing couple of Taiwanese guys who are building another FIA spec track in Taiwan they have the most promising planning and have been working on it for some 10 years.

This was shot during the grid walk less than one hour before race time which was 3 pm on Saturday, June 14th, 2014.  This was my first time here and I do love all the festivities they have organized for the fans.  I was definitely fortunate to have above average access thanks to my friends at the Asian Le Mans organization.

Not long after the garage walk, than the grid walk on track the green flag was ready to get dropped!!  Here we go…  we were all pretty high.  Our (Asian Le Mans managements & guests) box is shared with Team Taisan from Japan and it was located directly above the garage of Team Taisan who were the 2014 GTE class Asia regional champion.  They have done well completing the long race which is always quite a challenge in itself and I believe  the finished 8th in class.

The rain came hard and fast at Le Mans…  and quite early too!!  This spelled trouble for several teams early on.  It is a bit painful to watch as surely they have been preparing and working so hard for so long to get here…  and often times it is now over for them…  for example due to limited budget Toyota only ran 2 cars in LMP1 while Audi ran 3 cars like they always have done in the past several years.  In hour two I’m not sure who was at fault but Toyota and Audi collected each other and both cars were out of the race.  So Toyota now is down to 1 car while Audi still has 2 which means they have double the chance…  I feel Toyota should have sent 3 cars no matter what…  at least they were able to salvage 3rd place in the end.

This was shot during Saturday morning where fans with certain levels of access can roam around the hot pits area and have really intimate view with the race cars…  I got some close ones with C7R and many other GTE Pro class cars.

2014 has been smooth sailing so far and in middle of  May by some good fortune and connections I received special invitation by the management and sponsors of Asian Le Mans Series to attend the prestigious 24 hours of Le Mans race happening on June 14-15th 2014.  Although it wasn’t exactly red carpet VIP status since I’m just another passionate motorsports fan I did get some special privileges including the limited Gridwalk access so I was able to get up and personal with the cars and just prior to the beginning of the race at 3 pm.  Enjoy.  🙂


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