random awesome videos of the day 4/6/2014

Posted 4/6/2014 4:40 am @ Taipei, Taiwan – Yesterday was the annual traditional Chinese memorial day where we pay respect to the ancestors and meet up with extended family members.  I had a great time this year and I took quite a few photos and videos…  anyway, lately I’ve done tons of reading about the Taiwanese Student’s Occupy movement which started on March 18, 2014.  I’ll eventually do a blog about it but I’m not sure if I’ll ever get to it.  There are many excellent and well written articles (mostly in Chinese) already on the subject.  I don’t think I will have anything worthy to contribute.  But still I might need to do a compilation of it…

Wow, interesting video!! The Carlyle Group has had insane amount of growth in the last 15 years! I also find the part about patent holders being on board and the patent filing quite interesting! There’s definitely more to this story. Military industrial complex is evil as hell.

so fucking funny ha ha ha ha. i’m liking the French more and more.

Good presentation about Occupy movement that’s currently happening in Taiwan!!  Too bad no English subtitle is shown.

Street tuning K24EG in Taipei, Taiwan by ghettoracer (yours truly) earlier in March, 2014.

not your normal Volvo S60. it’s even greater than the 3R World Challenge GT S60!! i want!!

what what?!?! this is a freaking sleeper ha ha. sick. $11k is a steal!

well this game looks freaking awesome!!

wow, amazing song!!! love the composition, lyrics. and singing too!

a feel good video to get your day started.  🙂

and finishing off the blog with some sexy dancing. 🙂 the one in red is pretty hot.


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